Updated 2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan Guides Staff in Staying on Track with the Town's Vision

By Valerie A. Hoffman

In a process that began in July 2015 and continued through early May of 2017, the Town of Lake Lure completed a significant update to the original 2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan.

With the aid of a contracted facilitator, elected officials, appointed boards, staff, town leaders and citizens have poured over the community's original document for the last two years.

The project culminated in early May with the adoption of the revised plan and its updated implementation matrix.

Throughout the process, citizens and stakeholders had the opportunity to review the key documents and provide input during a  May 16th public meeting.

(This first document will give you an overview of all the steps that have taken place in updating the Comprehensive Plan).  

April 11th 2017 Memorandum to the Town Council and the  Zoning & Planning Board

2015 to 2017 Recap of Timeline with Dates

2020 Shared Vision, April 2017

Final Adopted Project Calendar - May 2017

Background Concerning the Update Process: 

In view of what has been accomplished in our community and how things have changed and evolved since 2007, it was crucial to go through the process of updating the original 20 year plan into several key priorities with which to focus on going forward.

Citizens and stakeholders were a vital part of this process, just as they were when the 2007-2027 Plan was first produced.

Given the weight of the Comprehensive Plan and its impact on so many projects and initiatives, it is so important that this document remains relevant to the changing circumstances around us. It is equally important that the plan, like its parent document from 2007, reflect the evolving values and desires of the community. .

Updating the Comprehensive Plan has had many steps. Beginning with a steering committee, State of the Town Report, a survey, workshops and, ultimately a revised implementation matrix that will track the status of final recommendations.

The updated plan is used by department heads, the Town Manager and the Town Council for developing yearly work plans and budgets as the town strives to realize its vision.


Review the 2015 Background Materials from the Comprehensive Plan Update Process

Cover Page & Table of Contents


Overview of Purpose and Process

Lake Lure's Guiding Values

2015 State of the Town - Report

State of the Town Survey to Residents & Property Owners

Survey Results

Survey Results from the Town Council  & the Zoning and Planning Board

2020 Shared Vision for Lake Lure, (Sept. 2015)

Oct. 19th, 2015 Presentation Summary of the State of the Town and Community Survey Results 

Implementation Matrix - Scorecard of recommended projects and their status, 2015