The Comprehensive Transportation Plan - Tying it all Together

Just What is this Comprehensive Transportation Plan All About?

By Valerie A. Hoffman

Despite the great level of detail and many spokes in the wheel of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, it really came down to looking at the big picture and making sure that all of our valuable stakeholders and citizens are collectively being included and pro-active about the exciting growth opportunities coming to our area.

Adopted by Town Council in May 2013, the Comprehensive Transportation Plan was a coordinated project between the Town of Lake Lure, Chimney Rock Village and North Carolina Department of Transportation and its related planning divisions.

Although traffic counts conducted by the NC DOT between 1990 and 2005 saw only minor fluctuations from one year to the next, resident and visitor experiences over the same period clearly revealed that peak season traffic flows were much higher than DOT counts.

Additionally, Chimney Rock State Park newly adopted master plan calls for changes in the ways (new entrance, shuttle system, etc.) visitors move in and out of the Park.

The overall recommendation identified in the Transportation Section of the 2007- 2027 Comprehensive Plan is this: assure safe, efficient transportation and economic viability for future generations. 

Meeting goals like these effectively takes planning ahead, and planning takes accurate current traffic counts as well as reasonable predictions of future flows based on expected development.

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan considered alternate travel options to deal with excessive traffic without major disruption to our fragile landscape.

Our lake and steep slopes create unique limitations, compounded by sometimes narrow and winding roadways. Options for detour routes, if needed, are limited as well. Widening roads presents additional challenges with storm water runoff and erosion, pollution of the lake and natural environment, and disruption of the view sheds that are an important component of our tourism industry.

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan was crafted by a core committee of thirteen individuals appointed to steer the process. It included four seats each for Chimney Rock Village and the Town of  Lake Lure, two seats for Chimney Rock State Park, two for Rutherford County, and one for NC DOT Division 13 (our local NC DOT division).

Take a look at the final documents for this plan