Comprehensive Transportation Plan Assures Safe, Efficient Transportation & Economic Viability for Future Generations

Tying the Big Picture Together

Transportation Maps & Recommendations Released by NCDOT

By Valerie A. Hoffman

After 18 months and multiple meetings, several rounds of feedback, revisions and public hearings, the NC DOT Comprehensive Transportation Plan was adopted earlier this year.

The CTP was developed by NCDOT and in conjunction with a town appointed steering committee of citizens from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village.

The plan consists of narrative recommendations and maps.
The maps show proposed transportation relative to bicycles, pedestrians, public transit and automobiles.


Adoption Sheet

Highway Map

Pedestrian Map

Bicycle Map

Public Transit Map

Results of the July 2012 Transportation Survey 


Running concurrently, but separate from the CTP  was a revision to the Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Traffic Operations Study, TOS.  The revised study was facilitated by the Municipal and Schools Transportation Assistance, the MSTA division of NCDOT.

The role of the MSTA is to address safety concerns, including overall pedestrian safety and traffic operations on a school campus, and how traffic affects adjacent state roadways. 

MSTA’s report is more on the community level, as far as what communities can do for themselves via local funds and through pursuing grants. The MSTA report is not associated with any commitment or requirements by the NCDOT. 

Where the MSTA report was helpful in the CTP process was in recognizing future transportation improvements and identifying transportation related concerns that the future is expected to bring.   

The report takes a closer look at the existing transportation system and offers recommendations (influenced greatly by local input) to help each community improve their transportation network for those future needs.

  Download the Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Traffic Operations Study

If you would like to get into even greater detail about the long-term transportation needs in and around Lake Lure, the Town Center and the Chimney Rock Village area, keep reading.