Proposed 2018-2023 Capital Improvement Plan

The Town of Lake Lure is currently updating the existing 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan, to carry forward for an additional five years through 2023.

The initial plan, adopted in 2017 is updated annually. Below are the various sections of the proposed updates.

Capital Improvement Plans serve to guide the council, staff and community in its planning and funding priorities an in making orderly and prioritized decisions when it comes to replacement of capital facilities and equipment.

It also plans for future identification of new equipment, buildings, and infrastructure that will be needed in order to accomplish particular objectives.

A Capital Improvement Plan projects sources of revenue, helps to identify alternative funding sources and can make municipal  borrowing easier by resulting in lower bond ratings and lower interest rates.

"Our Capital Improvement plan is a vital financial and physical planning tool that we utilize and refer back to throughout the year," said Town Manager Ron Nalley.

"Having such a plan in place, and that we constantly utilize, allows for  the proper planning and coordination for acquisition and development of assets," said said Mayor Kevin Cooley.

To review a summary of the existing first year projects in each fund, select the file in the table below with the three asterisks. Following adoption of the Updates to the Plan, Town Council will then prioritize those projects that be considered for inclusion in the 2018-2019 Town Budget.

Draft 2018 - 2023 Update to the Capital Improvement Plan


Cover & Policy Guidelines

General Fund Revenue Summary

General Fund Expense Summary

 First Year (2018-2023)Funding Priorities by Project - Draft

General Fund Expenditures - Commission

General Fund Expenditures - Administration

General Fund Expenditures - Police

General Fund Expenditures - Fire

General Fund Expenditures - Public Works

General Fund Expenditures - Sanitation

General Fund Expenditures - Economic Development

General Fund Expenditures - Community Development

General Fund Expenditures - Parks & Recreation 

General Fund Expenditures - Beach & Marina 

General Fund Expenditures - Municipal Golf Course 

General Fund Expenditures - Lake Operations 

General Fund Expenditures - Water & Sewer

Electric Fund Revenues