Asset Management Advisory Board

The Asset Management Advisory Board studies and makes recommendations to council concerning management of town assets.

In view of the town's long-term objectives and needs, an asset management task force was initially established by town council in June 2014 to assess the inventory of town-owned assets, primarily land and buildings.

However, over the past year, the Town has realized the continuing value of the group and voted to establish a more formal board in June 2016.

This permanent board will continue to provide recommendations and advice to the Town Council on matters concerning long and short-range management of town assets.

The board consists of seven regular members appointed by Town Council plus one ex-officio member who is the town manager.

The term of each member (excluding the ex-officio member) is three years, except in appointing the original members of the board, the Council will designate two members for one-year terms, two members for two-year terms, and the three other original members will be appointed to the usual three year term. Thereafter the terms of all members shall not expire at the same time.

The Council Liaison for this Board is Commissioner John Moore.

The Asset Management Board disbanded March 12, 2019 by Resolution No. 19-03-12