Promoting your event with banners around town - All you need to know is on this page!




Who can participate in this program?

Off-premise directional advertising banners are only allowed for special events of a civic or nonprofit organization.The Town has installed four high visibility locations where your banner might be located on a first-come, first served, space-available basis.   Commercial businesses are not permitted to participate.

I am a commercial business hosting or participating in a public, charitable event. Can I participate?

Under the current regulations, only civic and nonprofit organizations can participate in this program.  In the above scenario, the only way an off-premise banner could be erected to advertise that event would be if the banner actually belonged to the Town, since government signs are exempt from the regulations.  Your best bet is to discuss your event with our Community Development Department so that they can fully explore your options. Otherwise, commercial businesses can only have 'on premise' signs/banners. However, a permit is necessary for those as well. Check with our Code Enforcement Coordinator.  828-625-9983, Ext. 117 Email

How do I apply & are there any fees?

Complete the application for a temporary sign permit and submit it with your banner(s). As for the fees:  In 2007, Town Council waived the temporary sign permit fee for “community events sponsored by non-profit organizations.”  Special events sponsored by a civic organization that is not a nonprofit has to pay the temporary sign permit fee of $55 plus $1 for each day the sign/banner is to be posted.

Does my application have to go before Town Council for approval?

No, just complete the application and pay the required fee, if there is one. 

How long can my banner(s) remain posted?

Eligible organizations are allowed to post their banners up to two times in a calendar year, for a period of 15 days. Some event organizers choose to utilize those two times back to back. In that instance the banners could be displayed up to 30 days. 

How many locations are there and where are they?

There are four locations where we have constructed sturdy metal posts held in the ground by footers. The metal posts are black so as to fade into the background when no banners are displayed.

1.  NC Highway 9 @ Dittmer-Watts Nature Trail across from Ingles

2.  Memorial Highway  @ the Lake Lure Fire Department & the Lake Lure Golf Club

3.  Memorial Highway @ The Town Center

4.   Memorial Highway @ Town Hall

Can I utilize all four locations at the same time?

Each banner facility can hold up to two banners at a time. Availability and the number of  banners you can place at any one location is completely dependent upon approved "space reserved" applications on file before yours, as well as the Town's option to display its own information instead. To ensure that you get to promote your events in this way in your preferred time frame, plan early, submit your application and reserve your spot on the calendar. Have your banners ready to be installed.

As noted, it is important to understand that even though the primary purpose of the banner program is to help civic and nonprofit organizations promote their events and information, the Town does reserve the option to utilize the program at any time to convey its own information, and your banner may be removed or covered over in order for the Town to do so.  

Can I hang my banners in locations other than those listed here?

Probably not. This program was created to bring uniformity to the promotion of events and information so that residents and visitors  become accustomed to looking for information in the same prominent locations. The Town of Lake Lure has final say regarding where off-premise temporary signs and banners can be installed. Therefore, if you have questions or desire to have a sign or banner installed outside of the realm of this program, you will need to consult with the Community Development Department. 

What size do my banners need to be?

The finished size must be 4' x 9'  and it must have four grommets, one in each corner.  Banners that are not this size or that are not delivered 'ready to hang' cannot participate in this program. 

Should I have a two-sided banner so it can be seen from both sides?

No, because in most cases the other side cannot be seen. The positioning of the banner posts is designed to greet vehicular traffic coming into the town limits of Lake Lure from the East, West, North and South. That way your information, if you utilize all four banner locations, is sure to be seen in one of these locations. 

Why did you settle on 4 x 9 as the banner size and why won't you accept other sizes for this program?

In researching this program, going as far back as 2013, we collaborated with several local events organizers to get their input. We also looked into the most commonly requested size that area vendors get for a banner. It was 4 x 9.  Additionally, in constructing the model to follow for the four locations, a particular width from pole to pole had to be decided and hardware had to be purchased. Rather than add to the unnecessary expense of keeping several different kinds of hardware for multiple sized banners, we settled on 4 x 9 as the standard for the program. 

My banner(s) are ready to be installed, now what?

The Public Works Department installs and removes all banners. Citizens are not allowed to install or remove their own banners. Once your banners are ready to hang, drop them off at Town Hall along with a temporary sign permit application

How much time do I need to allow for getting my banners approved and installed?

The temporary sign permit application must first be reviewed by the Code Enforcement Coordinator and then the banners are transferred to our Public Works Department for installation. Therefore, you should allow at least 5 working days to get your banners approved and installed.  

My banner was damaged, lost or stolen while it was displayed on your posts. Will you replace it?

The Town of Lake Lure assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen banners. However, you can be assured that our staff takes great care in making sure the banners are firmly installed and attached to the metal posts.

How do I go about getting my banners returned to me?

Banners can be picked up at Town Hall. Our staff will get in touch with you to let you know that your banners are available. Banners left at Town Hall for longer than 30 days will be recycled.

I don't know the first thing about how to go about getting a banner made. Can you help me?

This flyer about the program includes a few tips on how to design an effective, eye catching banner.