Getting out on Lake Lure


As the name implies, Lake Lure does indeed 'lure' many people to enjoy its unique beauty. And because it is both a home to our residents as well as a popular destination for visitors, it is necessary to establish regulations aimed at a balanced use of the lake.

Lake Lure is a small man made lake with less than 27 miles of shoreline. As stewards of the lake, the Town of Lake Lure must carefully and consistently manage its challenges and limitations.This is done in consideration of the ecosystem, wildlife, marine life, and certainly in consideration of all who wish to enjoy it.

With that in mind, we want your use of the lake to be enjoyable and safe for you, your guests and our visitors.  In an effort to meet the diverse needs, schedules, budgets and preferences of a wide array of residents and visitors, several types of permits are available. 

Please read all of this information below and be sure to review the lake fee schedule to see the complete list of  types of permits available.

What are some of the most important things I need to know about boating on Lake Lure?

      • All watercraft  - motorized and non-motorized  - must obtain and display a permit issued by the town in order to be on the lake.This includes but is not limited to stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes.
      • Click here for the Boaters Guide.
      • All vacation rental or other commercial establishments must follow the requirements for the commercial boats.
      • Permits are non-refundable and must be renewed on an annual basis.
      • The lake is patrolled and surveillance cameras are in use around the lake
      • There are several permits where restrictions apply during peak boating season. The Town of Lake Lure considers peak season as: the Friday before Memorial through Labor Day.
      • No more than two people may be pulled from a boat (skiing, tubing, etc) at any given time while on the lake.
      • There are only a limited number of annual permits sold each calendar year. Therefore, don't delay in making your purchase.
        The limits are:
       -- Resident Annual over 10 hp -  1,000 total permits available
       -- Resident Annual weekday only 250 total permits available
       -- Non-resident Annual over 10 hp -  75 total permits available
       -- Non-resident Annual weekday only -  75 total permits available
      • In addition to our other types of boat permits, you can also purchase a daily or weekly permit. Note that neither of these permits allow for weekend or holidays in peak season.

      • Residents must purchase their permits at Town Hall. Nonresidents can purchase them at Town Hall or Washburn Marina. Lake Lure is a small lake that can quickly get congested. There are limited permits available without time restraints to ensure safety during peak season (Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day)

      • There are permits available that are limited to weekday only use during the peak season.  These permits are good Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends. During non-peak season these permits are good seven days a week.

      • Although there are no restrictions on horsepower of boats, there are length and weight restrictions.  The length and weight restrictions are as follows:

         -- Pontoon boats and non-motorized vessels may be no longer than 28 feet.
         -- All other boats, such as ski boats, fishing boats, deck boats, etc., may be no longer than 21 feet. 

         -- All boats must be 4,000 pounds or less.

      Are there any types of watercraft that you don't allow on the lake? 

      • Any pontoon boat, canoe, kayak, rowing shell, row boat or any motorized craft that is longer than 28 feet
      • Any other type of boat that is longer than 21 feet, such as a runabout, ski boat, deck boat or sail boat
      • Any type of boat, other than a pontoon boat, weighing more than 4,000 pounds, (per manufacturer specs)
      • Personal watercraft (jet skis) are prohibited

      How many permits may I purchase?

      As noted above, there are a set number of permits available in each permit category. Therefore, as long as the permits are available the number available is as follows:

      • Owners and spouses of an improved property parcel (with dwelling) within the Town of Lake Lure may have up to three motorized boats permitted at the resident rates.
      • An unimproved parcel may have one motorized boat permitted. Additional boats must be permitted at the non-resident rates.
      • No more than three boats may be moored per 100 feet of shoreline. The exception: approved marinas and cluster moorings.

      What information do you need to process my application?

      If you are purchasing a permit for the first time, or your information has changed, or you have a different boat than in the previous year, you're asked to complete a boat permit application. Print it out here.

      Information  that we need from you every year:

      Address of Lake Lure property, (if applying for a resident permit).

      Name, address and contact information of boat owner. The name must match property tax records for resident permits.

      Boat information: make, model, year, length, color and mooring location. If motorized: motor make, year, horsepower. 

      For motorized boats: Proof of state registration and proof of liability insurance, (marine policy, homeowners policy or a certificate of insurance).

      Insurance Requirements for Private Boats

          1. Lake Lure requires that all private boat owners must  maintain marine liability insurance with at least $300,000 in coverage for each motorized boat permitted.
          2. Proof of insurance must be shown in order to receive a permit (either an agency letter or a copy of the policy

        What types of permits are available and how much are the fees?

        • Daily Motorized permits are $60. During peak season, these permits may only be used Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. During non-peak season, they are available seven days a week.  
        • Weekly Motorized permits are $125 during non-peak season and can be used anytime. During peak season the cost is $300 and cannot be used on weekends or holidays.
        • Non-Resident Annual Permits are valid between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31st. and are $650.
        • Non-Resident Annual Peak Period Weekday Only permits are $350 and  may only be used Monday-Friday (excluding weekends or holidays) during peak season. May operate anytime during non-peak season.
        • Non-resident Fishing permits are $130. The boat motor must be 50 hp or less, and during peak season use of this permit is limited to nighttime (9pm to 9am) only.  Outside of peak season you may use this permit any time. Please note, however, that towing is prohibited.   
        • Non-motorized permits are $25 per day, $50 per week, or $100 for an annual permit. Annual permits are current for calendar year only (Jan.1 Dec. 31). You will need to know the type (kayak, canoe, sailboat, paddle board, etc.), brand, length, color, and year of the boat. Please note: Boats with non-motorized permits are prohibited from using any type of motor, including electric and trolling motors.

        Review this lake fee schedule to see the complete list of  types of permits available. 

        Where do I go to purchase a permit?

        All residents of the Town of Lake Lure must purchase their boat permit through Lake Lure Town Hall. You may come into the office, or you may process your purchase by mail, but you must go through the Town of Lake Lure.
        Lake Lure Town Hall is open M-F 8 am - 5 pm and is closed on national holidays.
        Lake Lure Town Hall is located at 2948 Memorial Highway.  Directions

        Credit and debit cards are accepted, but there is a surcharge of $2 or three percent, whichever is greater. This charge is put in place by the Credit Card companies.

        Visitors and non-residents, on the other hand, may purchase boat permits through Town Hall or Washburn Marina, located in Morse Park. Please note, however, that the Marina has seasonal hours. Call the marina at 828.625.1373 for hours of operation.
        It is located at 2930 Memorial Hwy in Lake Lure. Directions

        By mail: If you would like to purchase your boat permits by mail, you may print and complete the boat permit application and mail in with the required information. Please note: Permits are sent certified mail. There is an additional $4.25 charge per permit to purchase by mail. Please allow plenty of time for us to receive and mail out your permits.  

        P.S. - Not sure whether you're a resident or a non-resident?

        To be considered a resident of Lake Lure you must own property within the town limits, paying Lake Lure town taxes.  Otherwise, you are a non-resident or a visitor.