How Do You Tell Others About Our "Community?"


"A tremendous opportunity exists to market a more complete and compelling message for Lake Lure & Chimney Rock Village." 

Tripp Muldrow, Arnett-Muldrow Planning Firm

In one sense, a branded license plate is a pretty small thing to do to show off pride in one's community. So is a branded coffee cup, a banner attached to a street light, new signs at a park or just a fancy new business card in your wallet.  These things, taken on their own, may not appear to mean much.

Over time though, as we collectively embrace these singular 'things' that represent our brand, we begin to communicate signals and symbols of who we are, where we have been and the way we feel about our community - Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village.

It has been said that with every person we meet, we hold the power to create a vast array of impressions about the place we have chosen to call home.

Taken in whole, what we say, how we say it and the resources we use to convey our brand are empowering realities that can solidify our own connection to the meaning of, "community." while fostering it in others.

So, it will be from this page that we will encourage you from time to time to embrace the brand identity, whether through a license plate on your car, a coffee cup on your desk or by asking you to share your enthusiasm for a new sign or a new banner.

Think of all of it as simple conversation starters to tell the story of who we are. You could be talking to a future resident, a repeat visitor or a potential entrepreneur.

The first of these items is the license plate. We have designed two options.  They are $15 each.  

Order here or call Town Hall: 828.625.9983, Ext. 129