Questions & Answers

Is the park open? 

Yes, a majority of the several planned phases are complete.  You have just over six of seven miles waiting for your bike, your hike and your dog. Signage is up and more is on the way.

Since the main trail is a loop - which is both a mountain bike and hiking trail - it's tough to get lost. But this isn't evident to first time users.

How are you managing cyclists and and hikers using the trail together?  

First and foremost, Buffalo Creek Park is designed and grant-funded as a mountain biking trail. This was a much-requested amenity during the state park's master planning process. 

But, mountain biking trails make excellent trails for hiking and trail running. So, all users have to stay alert to people using the trail in different ways and at different speeds.  Just follow the signs and you'll know which way to go.

The trails are uni-directional by activity.   Riders travel in one direction on certain days and pedestrians go in the opposite direction. That way, they can see riders approaching in front of them.  Everyone switches directions on various days, all of which is posted on the signage. Doing it this way, gives all users a different experience and encourages return visits. Again, explanatory signs are installed at points along the trail to help you navigate. 

Do you have a trail map I can see  online or print out? 

Sure, you can see it and print it right here. In keeping with our desire to reduce, re-use and recycle where ever we can, we do not plan to print a large number of trail maps. Please remember, the trail map is a changing document as the park develops. What you see here on the website or at the trail head may not be fully current as more phases are complete. Once the park is finished, permanent trail maps will be put in place.

How do we get to Buffalo Creek Park?

Map your trip and/or download the directions from  here

How difficult is the trail for mountain biking? 

So, this really depends on your experience and fitness level, but we will say that the trail is not technically difficult (few roots, rocks or drop offs). It is a workout though, since it climbs 600 feet up the mountain! 

It's designed to be smooth and flowing, as evidenced by the banked switchback turns.  As you give us your feedback, you'll have to let us know if we achieved that goal. We believe the trail will be best enjoyed by intermediate to advanced riders. If you consider yourself fit, then the park will be an enjoyable challenge. 

In Lake Lure, we're a family vacation destination and we want to provide ways for people to try new outdoor activities like mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking and water skiing.  While the terrain at Buffalo Creek doesn't lend itself to easy, flat rides, we are developing ways to provide an easy experience for beginners to intermediate riders. 

That said, since our region is home to some of the highest quality and most challenging mountain biking in America (trails at Pisgah, DuPont, Bent Creek, Kitsuma, Mount Mitchell), we do attract very accomplished riders who are seeking a thrilling challenge. 

What about the rest of us - How difficult is it for hikers and runners?

The great thing about the trail is that it offers phenomenal hiking and trail running for just about every fitness level.   The trail is considered easy to moderate for those who consider themselves in reasonably good health.

Is there more trail coming? 

Yes,in addition to the 5.5 miles completed in Phase 1, the trail is developing west for an additional 5-7 miles to connect with state park property at Eagle Rock near Shumont Mountain.  Stay tuned for more updates.

What about parking & bathrooms?

There is a small public parking lot at the public trail head off Buffalo Creek Road. Space fills up quickly. More parking space is coming. There is also a second trail head entrance inside the gated community of Rumbling Bald Resort. This entrance is for guests and residents of the resort. Parking is available for residents and guests of the resort at that entrance.  There are no bathrooms at the park. 



How this park became a reality

Going beyond hiking and mountain biking - This park is for our nature lovers too