Community Development

The Community Development Director is Brad Burton.


Brad L. Burton CFM, CZO                                                                                                    

Community Development Director                                                                                              

Phone: 828.625.9983, Ext.117,                                                                                                      


The Community Development department is responsible for comprehensive plan related projects and administering the various regulations in the town code relating to land use, including the subdivision regulations and zoning regulations.

The department interprets these regulations, inspects property and follows up on citizen concerns.

The department also serves as staff to the Zoning & Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment. In addition, the department is responsible for the town’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping services.

Planning activities include implementing the Town of Lake Lure's  2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan  and guiding the facilitation  planning process behind the Town Center Master Plan.

Zoning administration includes issuing certificates of zoning compliance, residential vacation rental permits, and sign permits. Certificates of zoning compliance are issued for all new and enlarged structures, and changes in land use to ensure compliance with the zoning regulations. For example, most people are not aware that remodeling their home or deck requires a permit.

In addition, posting a sign within town limits may also require a permit. No matter how small the project, or if you plan to subdivide your land, it is always better to check with the Community Development Department before commencing with your project.


Meet Garrett Murphy

Development and Environmental Review Specialist

Phone: 828-625-9983,x 117

Garrett Murphy has worked as a Park Ranger in four different parks in Pennsylvania with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. After patrolling the campgrounds, he always enjoyed being able to present interpretive programs to park visitors. He has said that he will never forget the different natural, cultural, and historic places he has seen.

Garrett has also worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Law Compliance Representative, in the Water Resource Division. In his free time spent in the North, he was able to go fishing for days on end, and enjoyed the solitude of the winter season. He always enjoys reminiscing about the great experiences he had there.

In one of his most recent positions as a Consulting Utility Arborist, he was able to travel through the state of Wisconsin. He has said that he always enjoyed the agriculture component of the state, and has made many memorial contacts with people of all different back rounds and lifestyles.

Responsibilities Include:
    • Administering & enforcement of  zoning and nuisance regulations
    • Assisting in drafting ordinances, resolutions & amendments
    • Handling complaints concerning land use regulations
    • Processing and approving development permit applications
    • Issuing permits for zoning compliance, sign and lake structure and reviewing plans for development proposals.
    • Conducting site-plan reviews, construction drawings & recommending revisions for compliance
    •  Issuing notices of violations, penalties, warnings & stop-work orders
    • Conducting inspections to determine compliance with land use regulations
    • Conducting research for the director related to long-range planning & development
    • Attending public meetings & preparing information for presentations
    • Providing staff support to the Board of Adjustment
    • Providing citizen assistance in interpreting zoning and other regulations, and in presenting variance appeals.