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Rutherford County Testing Options



FREE COVID-19 Testing

The next free drive thru COVID-19 testing is scheduled for Wednesday from 1:00 -3:00 pm at the Rutherford Health Department. This is being offered by Foothills Health District and the Rutherford County Emergency Operations Center.

Drive thru testing will be offered once a week on Wednesdays from 1-3 pm.

Click here for the registration form.  Please fill this out for each person that is being tested and bring it with you to the testing site. Enter off Fairground Road and Main Street and follow the signs to the testing area.  






December 30, 2020


Thank you for all that you are doing to support North Carolina’s response to COVID-19.   

A tested, safe and effective vaccine will be available to all who want it, but supplies are currently limited and will continue to be for the next few months. To save lives and slow the spread of COVID-19, independent state and federal public health advisory committees recommend first protecting health care workers caring for patients with COVID-19, people who are at the highest risk of being hospitalized or dying, and those at high risk of exposure to COVID-19 

Based on new federal recommendations issued last week by the CDC Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the Department has updated and simplified the vaccine prioritization plan.  

North Carolina’s updated phases include: 

·   Current Phase - Phase 1a: Health care workers fighting COVID-19 & Long-Term Care staff and residents. 

·    Phase 1b (to begin in early January): Adults 75 years or older and frontline essential workers  

·    Phase 2: Adults at high risk for exposure and at increased risk of severe illness.  

·    Phase 3: Students  

·    Phase 4: Everyone who wants a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination. 

Because currently there is not enough vaccine for everyone to be vaccinated at the same time, NCDHHS will open the next phase of vaccinations (1b) in groups, starting only with persons above the age of 75 in order to best manage vaccine dose availability.   To see all the groups for Phases 1b and Phase 2 please review this Infographic of Vaccine Phases

In the coming days, we will be sending more information on how North Carolinians over age 75 will access vaccinations beginning in early January. For those who engage this population, please consider sharing our flyer (English / Spanishas a first step.  

All vaccine providers are expected to ensure that vaccine is equitably administered within each group. NCDHHS has a specific focus on building trust with historically marginalized populations. Longstanding and continuing racial and ethnic injustices in our health care system contribute to lack of trust in vaccines. The Department is partnering with trusted leaders and organizations to provide accurate information about the vaccine.  

More detailed information is available at and in the resources below: 

·  Infographic of Vaccine Phases (English / Spanish

·  Deeper Dive: Phase 1a (English / Spanish

·  Deeper Dive: Phase 1b (English / Spanish Coming) 

In addition, we encourage you to share vaccine resources below with your networks. 

·  Flyer on Vaccines (English / Spanish

·  Presentation COVID-Vaccination 101  (English / Spanish

·  Frequently Asked Questions (English / Spanish

·  Videos on Vaccine Rollout 

o   NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen shares information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan (45-second30-second

o   NCDHHS Deputy Secretary Ben Money shares information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan (link

·  Videos for Long-Term Care 

o   North Carolina long-term care workers share their reason for taking the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine (90-second60-second30-second

o   NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen shares information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan long-term care facility workers (60-second) 

o   NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen shares information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan for families of long-term care residents (link

o   NCDHHS Deputy Secretary Ben Money shares information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan for long-term care facilities (60-second, 30-second

We are regularly updating our web page. Continue to check the Vaccines page on the website for more information and resources as they are available: The page is also available in Spanish:

Thank you for your attention to this information!    



Rutherford County COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory

January 5, 2021


The Foothills Health District announced today that they are offering vaccines to both Phase 1A and Phase 1B on January 5, 2021. Please see the updated information below.
PHASE 1A: Health care workers fighting COVID-19
PHASE 1B: Adults 75 years or older and frontline essential workers.
They noted that there was not enough vaccine for everyone in this phase to be vaccinated at the same time. Vaccinations will be available to groups in the following order.
• Group 1: Anyone 75 years or older, regardless of health status or living situation
• Group 2: Health care workers and frontline essential workers 50 years or older*
• Group 3: Health care workers and frontline essential workers of any age
* The CDC defines frontline essential workers as first responders (e.g., firefighters and police officers), corrections officers, food and agricultural workers, U.S. Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, public transit workers, and those who work in the education sector (teachers and support staff members) as well as child care workers.
1. If you are within the Phase 1A or 1B category, please complete this form: (For Spanish, click on the upper left corner of the form).
2. Once this information is received, it will be uploaded into the state system and you will then receive an email from the state with additional information to complete.
3. Once you complete the additional state form, please call 828-223-5735 to schedule your vaccination appointment at the Health Department.



1/8/21 Foothill's Health District Vaccination Update

January 8, 2021

If you are eligible to receive the vaccination in Phase 1A or 1B, you need to fill out the online form. Once it is filled out, staff will call you to schedule your appointment. Foothills Health District will be calling you to schedule your appointment, but the phone number may be WITHHELD.
* It is imperative that you answer the phone when you are called because we are not able to leave messages.
* Please do not call the phone line if you filled out the online form. * We have a large team of staff calling people back and if you call in, after filling out the form, it is creating duplication of efforts.
* Please do not fill out the online form multiple times. This also creates duplication of efforts.
* Please do not fill out the form or call to make an appointment if you are not in Phase 1A or 1B.
* If you do not meet eligibility requirements you will not be able to get the vaccine at this time. We will widely publicize when other phases are open.
* If you do not have access to a computer, internet or an email address please CALL 828-223-5735.
* The phone line is open specifically for individuals who cannot complete the online form.
* We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience as we work though the large volume of requests.
We are excited that so many citizens want to get the vaccine and we are working hard to accomplish this as quickly as possible.
* Vaccines are being administered in a drive thru format (weather permitting) so individuals will not have to get out of their vehicles. Thank you.

Foothills Health District Vaccination Update

January 11, 2021