Dueling Surveys - Take them both!

The Town of Lake Lure cares what you think
Not just once, but TWICE!

Actually, we want to hear from you all the time. But during the month of August it just so happens that we're collecting some serious data that we will use to  guide two equally important, but very different issues:

  • The future of Morse Park
  • The future of Internet services in Lake Lure.

Talk about different topics!

Whether it's how you experience our most popular public park or venting about your frustrations with local Internet services, we're collecting your feedback and using it to make positive strides forward when and where we can.


Survey 1, Open until August 15th  -  The Morse Park Recreation Plan: 

The first survey deals with how residents, stakeholders, and visitors use Morse Park and what these different audiences envision for it in the future.

Learn more about the Morse Park Recreation Plan here and then be sure to take this eight question survey by August. 15th

Survey 2, Open until August 19th - Broadband Internet Services in Lake Lure

The second survey pertains to broadband Internet services in the Lake Lure-Chimney Rock Village area. There are more questions and they are a bit more detailed. But your responses are vitally important, as we plan to provide your responses to area providers so that they know what is most important to you and what the challenges are that you face in reliable Internet service.

Learn about how the Town's Utilities Advisory Board is working on enhancing Internet Services and then take the survey by August 19th.