Environmental Management

Environmental Management Officer, Clint Calhoun

828.625.9983, Ext. 502

The Town's Environmental Management Officer is Clint Calhoun, CLM, CFM

In addition to assisting the Lake Operations Director in conducting department functions and duties, the Environmental Management Officer is also responsible for the following initiatives:

  • Enforcement of town sedimentation and erosion control regulations
  • Enforcement of town floodplain development regulations
  • Enforcement of town tree protection regulations
  • Enforcement of lake structure regulations
  • Performing mapping and GIS tasks, as they pertain to Lake Operations and environmental management.
  • Collection of water samples from the lake and its tributaries and submit for analysis.
  • Write articles to help inform and educate citizens about environmental and lake operations issues
  • Serve as the townÂ’s point of contact for Geese Peace activities and overall geese mitigation.
  • Detect and identify algae blooms and make recommendations for resolution or addressing
  • Serve as an adviser to Parks & Recreation, town staff and to citizens on a variety of environmental issues