Evolution of Recycling in Lake Lure & Chimney Rock Village

A greater emphasis on conservation and recycling in Lake Lure was the result of coordinated efforts between the Town of Lake Lure & the Hickory Nut Gorge Recycling Coalition, a public-private partnership that formed between the Town, the Village of Chimney Rock and a group of impassioned citizens and municipal leaders from both communities.

The group came together in early 2009 to inspire active recycling in the area. Initially, the Coalitionís overall focus centered on making recycling easier and better understood. To our pleasant surprise, there was a dramatic increase in recycling at the enhanced center, which revealed that citizens were enthusiastic about recycling.

Following the increased participation, instructional signage was improved, handouts were provided and more dumpsters were added. Sorting requirements were narrowed to just two categories: glass, metal and plastic in the blue dumpsters, paper and flattened cardboard in the yellow dumpsters.

Nevertheless, Coalition members soon realized that the volume was quickly surpassing the available space at the Recycling Center in Lake Lure. Abuses of the center, which were always designed for local residents and local visitors, soon got out of hand. Town Council, with the support of the Coalition, closed the Recycling Center in August 2011.

Our greater vision was curbside recycling. To make it ideally convenient, affordable and flexible to each personís needs, it was decided to make the service subscriber based.

At the same time, Chimney Rock Village Council voted to enact tax-based mandatory curbside recycling.

The mission of the Town of Lake Lure and the Coalition remains to inspire active recycling, help reduce consumption, conserve where possible and to help residents and businesses make it a convenient, rewarding habit.

To date, fewer than 10 percent of our residential population takes advantage of this service.  However, there is a steady flow of traffic to the Bill's Creek Convenience Center. Thus, overall participation in recycling may be higher than 10 percent.

In September 2013, all of the municipalities came together to form the Rutherford County Enhanced Recycling Commission and introduced commingled recycling.  Sorting of glass, metal and plastic from paper and cardboard is no longer necessary.