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Here Comes The Sun!

August 2020



Here Comes the Sun is the Garden feature until mid October 2020. These magnificent suns were created by the Lake Lure Artists. They are all different and unique. Also, the gardens are filled fun bright yellow! Come and see the painted grill, colorful flowers in boats, yellow polka dot bows, painted chairs and whimsical items, a bejeweled with crystals window, planted yellow wheelbarrow, planted yellow frames, mosaic tree stumps, planted nightstand, planted umbrella, dolls with yellow outfits in high chair, painted rocks in flower designs by the waterfall, whimsical tub garden.

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge Board Chairperson Kathy Tanner added, "Our goal was to create happy and vibrant setting for everyone to enjoy. For more information on the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge you may visit: For more information on the Lake Lure Artists please visit

Special thanks to Moe Bay for sharing her photos of the beautiful suns!


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