Golf Cart Usage in Lake Lure

Permitted and legally registered golf cart usage is allowed in Lake Lure on a limited basis.

The Town of Lake Lure adopted the golf cart usage ordinance for the purposes of regulating the safety and operation of golf carts on specific designated roads with a speed limit of less than 35 mph.

Golf carts remain illegal on any non-designated public street or on streets with a speed limit greater than 35 mph.

The golf cart program was researched, organized and created by the Town of Lake Lure in response to requests from Rumbling Bald Resort and Lake Lure Village Resort.

Golf cart owners are required to register each golf cart owned with the Town of Lake Lure. The registration fee for each cart is $25, plus an additional $5 for the required registration decal that must be displayed on each golf cart.

Before being permitted on the designated roadways, golf carts must include certain equipment. This list of equipment can be found on the Safety Inspection Form. All drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid state driver’s license.  Golf carts may not be driven on designated public roads before sunrise and after sunset.

Not sure where you can drive your golf cart?

Download the Golf Cart Usage Map for Rumbling Bald Resort

Download the Golf Cart usage Map for Lake Lure Village Resort

Roads within Rumbling Bald Resort are considered “public vehicle areas” as it relates to Chapter 20 of the NC General Statutes and are required to meet the requirements of the Lake Lure golf cart ordinance.  Lake Lure Village Resort has its own governing policies pertaining to the operation of golf carts on LLVR property. However, they too must meet the ordinance requirements to traverse certain designated public roads.

Following successful inspection of your golf cart(s) by the Lake Lure Police Department, a permit will be issued. To make an appointment for inspection, call 828-625-4911.