Golf Cart Usage in Lake Lure

Golf carts that are legally registered by the Town are allowed on designated public roads as outlined in the Ordinance Number 18-08-14: Regulating the Operation of Golf Carts. The special use of golf carts was researched, organized and created by the Town of Lake Lure in response to a request from Rumbling Bald Resort and Lake Lure Village Resort.

The Town of Lake Lure adopted the Golf Cart Ordinance to ensure the safe use of golf carts on specific designated roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.   

Please be aware that not all roadways are designated for golf cart usage.  Golf carts are permitted on designated roads only* and these roads are marked with signage as illustrated in the maps below.   (See links below to maps with the designated roads.)

Roads, including those maintained by the State or Town, are considered ďPublic Vehicular AreasĒ as it relates to Chapter 20 of the NC General Statutes. 

Golf cart owners that choose to operate golf carts on designated roads are required to register each golf cart with the Town of Lake Lure. The registration fee for each cart is $15, plus $5 for the required registration decal that must be displayed on each golf cart. Registrations must be renewed every calendar year.

All drivers must:

1)  Be responsible for all liability associated with operation of the golf cart;

2)  Provide evidence of liability insurance at the time of application and must continuously maintain insurance for the entire time the golf cart is registered in the Town of Lake Lure;

3)  Be at least 16 years old and have a valid state driverís license;

4)  Operate the golf cart during daylight hours unless the golf cart is equipped with one operating headlight and two operating tail lights, one on each side of the rear of the cart, visible from a distance of 250 feet.  

If you are not sure where you can drive your golf cart, please see the links below:

Download the Golf Cart Usage Map for Rumbling Bald Resort

Download the Golf Cart usage Map for Lake Lure Village Resort

Download the Golf Cart Usage Map for Charlotte Drive/Storm Ridge Road

The Golf Cart Ordinance and registration requirement goes into effect 10/1/18.  You may call the call the Town of Lake Lure with any questions at 828-625-9983 and download the Golf Cart Registration Packet.