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Get a copy of a police report?

If you need a copy of a police report, please call the police department and we will fax or mail you a copy of the report. You can also come by and pick up a copy of the report. Reports are normally ready the day after an incident has been reported.

Get a boat permit?

A valid state registration and proof of marine liability insurance meeting the town's requirements must be presented with all applications for permits. All individuals and businesses must purchase a  town-issued boat permit before placing or operating a boat on Lake Lure. Permit availability and fees vary from season to season and are based on resident status and different recreational and commercial uses.  For more detailed information about the boat permitting process, check out this page or call Town Hall at Ext. 129 to get started.

Get hard trash pickup?

In addition to curbside pickup of household trash, the town provides, by appointment only, pickup of hard trash, including old household furnishings and bagged leaves on the last Friday of each month. Call Customer Service at Town Hall to schedule a pickup, 625-9983, Ext. 129. Please clearly indicate the items that are to be taken.  See the schedule for regular trash & recycling pickup. 

Get a burn permit

Assuming there is no burn ban in place, burn permits are free, required and available seven days a week. To burn within the town limits of Lake Lure, the burn permit must come from the Lake Lure Fire Department. Permits from any other agency are not valid.  Call or come to the Lake Lure Fire Department, at 622 Memorial Highway across from the Municipal Golf Course.  Given that this area frequently experiences high winds and breezy days, or is sometimes in a drought condition, burn bans are in place more often than you may realize. If you have any doubt, it is best to contact the Fire Department at 828-625-9333. Remember, the only thing that can be legally burned is vegetation in its natural state. Burning trash and/or construction materials is illegal. It is unnecessary to obtain a burn permit for campfires or outdoor fireplaces. Online permitting not available at this time.

Get approval to erect or modify a business sign?

Section 10 of the Lake Lure Zoning Regulations gives detailed information about how to go about placing or changing signage for your business. Given that there are so many different types of signs and multiple factors of height and setback to consider, your best bet is to contact our Code Enforcement Coordinator in the Community Development Department. You can also start by reviewing section 10 of the Zoning Regulations found here.  You can reach the Community Development Department at 828-625-9983, Ext. 117

Get a security check of my home or business?

The Lake Lure Police Department conducts an intensive security check throughout the community every day of the month, with businesses checked during the evening hours, and town roads checked throughout the day. As an additional service to citizens, the Lake Lure Police Department offers a year round Security Check Program for homeowners that will be away for any significant period of time. Contact the Lake Lure Police Department at 828-625-4685 for further information concerning this helpful crime prevention program.

Get maintenance for my street, ditch or road shoulder?

In a list of life's inconveniences, problems on your road or street rank right up there. Like other cities and towns, Lake Lure has three kinds of roadways - state maintained, town maintained and privately maintained.  The kind of street where you live influences how it will be maintained. If you live on a town-maintained street and are experiencing maintenance issues, call Town Hall and we will report your issue to our Public Works Department. For more information about roads and streets in Lake Lure, check out this informational sheet. 

Get  a memorial placed in one of the Town parks?

In order to control the proliferation of memorials on town property, individuals seeking to commemorate individuals, businesses or pets have the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick to be placed in the existing memorial walkway in Morse Park Gardens.   The fee is $200 per brick. This covers the cost of  materials, engraving and placement by town employees.  When a larger project is being undertaken, such as a bridge, shelter, or other structure, names of contributors can be placed on an individual plaque by or on the structure. Contact Town Hall at 828.625.9983 to make those arrangements.The RiverWalk path in Chimney Rock Village also has a memorial brick program, but it is separate from the Town of Lake Lure. For their program contact

Get  an application for a temporary sign permit or banner?

Eligible civic and nonprofit organizations can participate in the town's Banner Facilities Program. Print the application and get more information here.

Report a broken or burned out street light?

If you notice a broken or burned out light on a town maintained street, you can report it here, or call Town Hall at 828.625.9983 and press 0. Be sure to have information regarding the general vicinity of where the light is malfunctioning. If you're unsure whether the street in question is maintained by the town, read this.

Report a problem with my sewer line or a manhole, (odors, backups or leaks)?

Contact Town Hall. Either the receptionist or our customer service supervisor can assist you. They will consult with our waste water department and report back to you.

Report a noise issue?

The Town of Lake Lure has a noise ordinance in place. You can view a copy of it here. If you are having a noise issue that you have been unable to resolve on your own, you may contact the Lake Lure Police Department to file a complaint. 

Report an abandoned car/house?

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned, it is best to phone the Police Department rather than simply having the vehicle towed. This will allow the situation to be handled by the proper authorities who can better track down the owners of the vehicle. An abandoned house is also best dealt with by the proper authorities who can verify if it is in fact truly abandoned. In all cases, notify the police and do not trespass private property or the belongings of another. 

Report an unsafe condition or structure?

If you believe a condition or situation to be unsafe, it is best to call the Police Department as soon as possible at 828-625-4685. If the situation is an emergency where life or property is in danger or risk, call 911. With regard to unsafe structures, if it is not your own property or you do not have permission to be on the property, do not trespass. Notify the Police Department. Officers can then in turn notify any other necessary representatives to address any issues related to the structure. It is also important to convey to children the risks associated with entering an unsafe structure.  

Sign up for town communications?

From our Town Facebook page, occasional e-blasts, our Code Red system, and our UTube Channel, there are a multitude of ways to stay dialed into town communications. Start here and stay connected. 

Sign up for water and/or sewer services?

A water/sewer application must be filled out and submitted, along with the connection fee.  Please give at least 48 hrs notice prior to the need for the water meter.

Additional information, including sewer service guidelines as well as information about the billing of your utilities can be found here.

Sign up for curbside recycling?

Call Town Hall and we'll get you set up in no time. Learn more about the program here.    

Sign up to speak at a Town Council meeting?

Citizen input is encouraged. You may simply show up to a meeting or sign up in advance with our town clerk. Be aware that in consideration of others, your time is limited to 5 minutes. If you would like more information about town council meetings in general, start here

Sign up to the Emergency Notification System?

As a cornerstone of our emergency communications, the town is a licensed partner with CodeRed. It is designed to ensure delivery of critical communications by allowing your town officials to record, send and track personalized messages to all citizens in a matter of minutes. But you have to be in the system and you have to provide the phone numbers where you wish to receive the messages. Sign up here

Reserve the Gazebo at Morse Park?

The Gazebo is a highly popular spot for weddings and other special events, thus the dates fill up quickly from year to year. It is available on a first come, first served basis, and many dates are reserved and paid for in advance by the 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa. Call or email Town Hall to inquire about your dates and then complete the permit for use form.

Reserve Community Hall at the Municipal Building?

The Community Hall was designed and intended for use as a public meeting place, primarily by groups of town residents. You will first need to inquire as to availability for your requested dates. The Community Hall is located at 2948 Memorial Hwy inside the Municipal Center/Town Hall. It is 36 by 39 (1,404 sq ft) and is equipped with 115 stackable chairs and 4 folding tables that are 3 x 6.  Each table can seat up to six people. The Community Hall has limited kitchen facilities that allow warming and serving of food only, but no food preparation. According to the fire code, the Community Hall can accommodate 200 people when using only the chairs, and 93 people when using tables and chairs.

Reserve the town beach for private use?

Reserving the entire beach for private events is not an option. However, the Pavilion, located at the east end of the beach (near the peninsula) is available.  It is 35 feet in diameter and the arches are 9'6'' high, and the height in the middle of the Pavilion is 18 feet. The Lake Lure Pavilion is available for rent by individuals, groups and organizations for meetings, reunions, etc. No charcoal or gas grilling is permitted in or around the Pavilion, or along the peninsula leading to the Pavilion, but charcoal grills are available for public use at the picnic shelters located behind the Visitor Center. Grills are also available at Pool Creek Picnic Park.