How Lake Lure's Curbside Program Works:

In Lake Lure, the recycling program is subscriber based, meaning that it does not impact your taxes and that you do not have to participate. In Chimney Rock Village and in many other North Carolina communities, councils have voted to require residents to participate in curbside recycling. In those cases, the costs associated with providing the service are absorbed through taxes.   

Lake Lure's program is a weekly curbside service available to all residents and owners of vacation rental homes.

It's $8.50 a month, payable on an annual basis of $102, plus the one time purchase of sturdy bins and optional lids to cover the contents from wildlife, rodents or windy weather

Commercial businesses, including lodging properties, should contact one of the local providers that offer curbside recycling services

  • Wade Nelon & Sons: 828.625.0378 (The Town's Vendor)
  • GDS: 888.248.6800
  • All-Bright:  828.894.5009


While curbside recycling is available to all residences, gated communities that already contract with a local vendor through an on-site central collection point for garbage pickup may wish to arrange for a similar central collection point for recyclables.

Please remember that recycling bins are also located in town parks and at the beach for visitors to dispose of bottles and cans.

If you’re a seasonal resident and you don’t want to pay for year-round curbside recycling, you may drop off recyclables at one of the two county convenience centers in Bill’s Creek or Green Hill

 No sorting of plastic, glass and metal from paper and cardboard is necessary. Just use your existing bins as needed and toss commingle everything.   You can bag shredded paper, but everything else should be discarded loose, non bagged.