Mayor Keith & Mayor Meleski

The Making of an Image

Through a series of several projects, the Town of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village continue to implement the branding recommendations to promote their two communities together. 

One way that is becoming more evident is through the installation of new streetlight banners in both communities as well as through new signage, new guest services programs, a reinvigorated Chamber and much more.

And municipalities aren't the only ones who can show off our new community pride.

Citizens can get in on it too with new promotional materials bearing either the new Lake Lure logo or the new logo jointly promoting both communities.

How to Get Them

The Welcome Center in Lake Lure

Welcoming Visitors & Residents

When you visit the renovated welcome center in Lake Lure, you will immediately enjoy a deeper connection to our area by discovering the purpose behind each element of the building's interior and exterior.

Characteristics from the rich diversity of Rutherford County were blended together into one harmonious facility, thus reflecting the ethos, history, culture and personality of our area.

That's the details. But what people are really noticing when they pass by is the cool new wrought iron landmark that draws you into the entire area to see what is going on.

Take a Peek Inside

Meet the New Doctors

Learn all about MAHEC

With each passing day, the site that will be the new Lake Lure Professional Park takes shape on the hill off Highway 9. Residents eagerly await the grand opening of our community's first full service medical facility later this year.

Grading work and site preparation began last November with a groundbreaking ceremony. Despite a colder than normal winter, spring and summer weather has allowed the project to stay on schedule.

Drs. Grey Tilden and Kate Sloss, pictured together above, will head up the Mountain Area Health Center Family Practice.  The medical practice will offer a full slate of services for men, women and children.

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