Lake Level Updates


Late yesterday (9/16/18), Hurricane Florence finally began heading north and picking up speed.  The  flow in the Rocky Broad River peaked and began to recede.  The Town’s Emergency Management Team determined that storage in the lake was no longer needed to safely manage the remaining anticipated storm water flows into the lake and the decision was made to continuing refilling the lake to full pond.  

  • As of 1pm today (9/17/18), the lake level was at el +988.17, (1 ft-10 in. below full pond). The lake should be back at full pond (el. +990.0) by tomorrow (9/18/18).
  • The lake is now “open” for recreational and commercial use.
  • The Town’s Lake Operations Director toured the lake early this morning and discovered some floating storm debris which in several areas was concentrated into “debris fields. ” The largest debris field is in the eastern channel that connects the beach/marina area to the center basin.
  • Boaters may operate on the lake “at their own risk” and are urged to use caution and operate at slow speeds to avoid striking floating and semi-submerged debris. Debris that does not sink within 48 hours (by Wednesday morning 9/19/18) will be removed thereafter by Lake Operations with assistance from local volunteers working under the Town’s supervision.
  • Lake Tours and the Town Marina will resume operating tomorrow (9/18/2018) and the Town Beach should be open for this upcoming weekend (9/22-23/18).
  • The staff in the Town’s Public Works Department will be working this week to clean up storm debris and repair any Town property that was damaged by the storm, which appears to be minimal, if any.
  • The Town’s Emergency Management Team will meet this week to debrief the storm event and identify lessons learned so we can perform even better in the future to prepare for and manage similar storm events.

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