Lake Advisory Board


The Lake Advisory Board consists of seven members each appointed for staggered, two-year terms. They are responsible for making recommendations to the Town Council and Marine Commission in the areas of:

        • Revisions to regulations governing construction and use of lake structures
        • Ways to improve fishing
        • Boat use regulations
        • No wake zones
        • Enforcement of regulations to create a safer environment for lake users
        • Silt removal, dredging and other means to improve the lake ecosystem
        • Assimilating community networks to handle warnings and cleanup after major storms.

        Each member of the committee has an area of responsibility, which they assume at the January meeting of each year. Emergency preparedness, fish and ecosystem, dam and sewer system, dredging, recreation, law enforcement and lake structures are the seven areas of responsibility that the members concentrate on during the year. The committee has a chairperson, vice-chair and secretary who are elected by committee at the January meeting as well.