Lake Advisory Board - Projects & Tasks:

The Lake Advisory Board actively promotes a holistic approach to lake management that encompasses all of the following areas of  responsibility:

      • Revisions to regulations governing construction and use of lake structures
      • Ways to improve fishing
      • Boat use regulations
      • No wake zones
      • Enforcement of regulations to create a safer environment for lake users
      • Silt removal, dredging and other means to improve the lake ecosystem
      • Assimilating community networks to handle warnings and cleanup after major storms.

      Some of the past projects assigned by the town council and completed for citizens include:

      • Creating a lake structures ordinance (zoning and structural requirements for all docks, seawalls, boathouses, and cluster mooring facilities). The ordinance provides guidance on the construction and required maintenance of all structures within the boundaries of the lake, including docks and boathouses.

      • Developing a lake management plan (giving some continuity for the local government in managing a multimillion dollar facility)

      • Writing standard operating procedures for the facilities at the dam (hydroelectric station and wastewater treatment plant)

      • Performing a lake use study to establish boating carrying capacity and activity preferences based on permit sales data, gas sales and an in-depth citizen survey with over 30% responding.

      In addition to these projects the board has also been involved in:

      • The monumental cleanup in the wake of two major floods in 1994 and 1996.
      • Establishing a partnership between the town and Environmental Quality Institute at the University of North Carolina – Asheville to be a part of the volunteer water monitoring network (VWIN) to monthly take water samples from the lake and it tributaries to establish baseline data and monitor fluctuations in conditions.
      • Touring the shoreline of the lake annually to establish placement of regulatory buoys.
      • Reviewing activity data, getting feedback from state and local enforcement officers and recommending adjustments to the town’s local boating ordinances.
      • Organizing workshops on lake management held by the North Carolina Lake Management Society with the support and financial assistance from the local business community.
      • Developing an eight-year fish stocking program that has improved the game fishing.
      • Establishing a ten-year dredging plan and acquiring a dredge to maintain the navigable waterways.

      • The committee has had a history of being comprised of a broad-based group of citizens with varied backgrounds and interests. Those on the committee have given much time and energy to accomplishing goals in the many varied fields of lake management and in service to the community.