A Message From Our Mayor




The Town of Lake Lure began lowering the lake on 1/4/21 as planned. Please take a moment to view these brief videos, intended to keep our community informed about the lake drawdown and the projects completed during this time.

    Please click
here to hear Mayor Carol Pritchett provide a brief overview of the purpose for the lake drawdown.    

    Please click here to hear Town Engineer Kurt Wright details the projects to be completed in this brief video.

The lake will be lowered one (1) foot per day and will ultimately be lowered to twelve (12) feet below full pond (990.5 feet above mean sea level (MSL).) The lake is expected to be (12) feet below pond (990.5 MSL) from 1/13/21 until 1/20/21. On 1/20/21 the Town plans to begin refilling the Lake.
The current plan is to have the Lake back at full pond by 1/31/21, depending on weather and other factors. Updates will be posted here if there are any changes.
Thank you for your patience and support as we complete these critical projects during this brief lake drawdown.


A Message from Mayor Carol Pritchett

December 2020