Parks, Recreation & Lake


The Parks, Recreation and Lake Department Office is led by Dean Givens, CLM, shown here patrolling the Lake. The Department Offices are located at 197 Buffalo Shoals Road, next to the Lake Lure Dam.

The open spaces, parks, and recreational areas in Lake Lure look as though they are an inherent part of the nature that surrounds us. That is the intention, but behind that seamless appearance exists the Parks, Recreation, and Lake Department.

The mission of the Lake Lure Parks, Recreation, and Lake Department is to enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors alike. Our dedicated staff efficiently maintain the miles of trails, our manicured parks, our walkways, and acres of greenspace.

The Department manages all aspects of the Lake including boat permitting and dredging program. The safety on the lake is ensured with routine patrols by the Parks, Recreation, and Lake Department, the Lake Lure Police Department, and the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.In addition, our staff monitors water quality by routinely testing.

The purpose of the Department is to work cooperatively with other departments, the Town-appointed Parks and Recreation Board, and the Lake Advisory Board to continually improve recreational opportunities, complement the natural beauty of our community, and to ensure safety on the Lake.

Lake Lure Recreation:


   Dittmer-Watts Nature Trail Park

   Buffalo Creek Park

   Weed Patch Mountain Trail

   Washburn Marina*

   Lake Lure Tours*

   Lake Lure Beach*

   The Flowering Bridge

*Denotes leased/concession operations


Essential duties and responsibilities:

   Public Liaison

   Commercial activities and special events 

   Town beautification


    Lake Debris Removal

    Trail construction and maintenance

    Lake enforcement and patrol

    Emergency response on the Lake

    Buoy placement/replacement

    All boat permitting

    Commercial boat licensing


    Fisheries management

    Geese mitigation

    Water quality and testing

Contact Parks, Recreation, and Lake Department

Dean Givens, CLM,

Parks, Recreation and Lake Director

Phone: 828-625-9983 ext. 501

Cell phone: 828-460-0623



Dana Bradley

Parks, Recreation, and Trails Coordinator

Phone: 828-625-9983 ext. 502

Cell phone: 828-351-9219