Managing the Beach, Lake Tours & Marina

The Town of Lake Lure owns the body of water known as Lake Lure. It includes a public beach and marina.

As stewards of the lake, the Town manages and regulates all aspects concerning this asset, one of the largest recreational and tourism destinations in the region.

Such management includes regulating use and access to the lake, all boating activities, swimming, fishing and commercial ventures on the lake.

It includes silt removal and all dredging activities as well.

As part of its ownership of the lake, the Town contracts with private vendors to operate the activities of the Marina and the Public Beach. It also contracts with a private vendor for the commercial tours of the lake that depart from Washburn Marina.

Over the years, various private businesses have operated these ventures. For at least the last ten years, Lake Lure Properties has managed the beach, marina and tours. Lake Lure Properties also owns the 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa located across the street from the public beach.

In 2017, the Town of Lake Lure issued a Request for Proposal to manage the beach, marina and tours. Three businesses responded: Lake Lure Tours, Inc., Explore Lake Lure, LLC, and Rumbling Bald Resort.

The Town of Lake Lure and the Lake Advisory Board spent considerable time reviewing the proposals over the last several months.

Explore Lake Lure, LLC was eliminated from the process due to a lack of required qualifications, and Rumbling Bald Resort dropped out of the process. 

At the December 2017 meeting of the Lake Lure Town Council, Town Manager Ron Nalley announced that the Town has entered into negotiations with Lake Lure Tours and that a proposed contract will be presented to the Board of Commissioners by January. 

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