Mayor Bob Keith

Mayor Bob Keith

I am grateful to all the town citizens to serve as your mayor. I will attempt to provide the leadership to fulfill my campaign commitments and priorities which were:

  • Maintaining the character of our town in accordance with the stated desires of the majority of the community

  • Reducing town expenses commensurate with our needs and priorities

  • Protection of the long-range management of the lake, the centerpiece of our town

  • Taking the lead on initiatives important to our community's future such as:

To grow and evolve the Lake Lure Classical Academy

To assist in the development of a professional and medical park, MAHEC

To manage housing development as the economy warrants

To improve communications and cooperation across the county

Completion of wrapping and mapping of our in lake sewer system to achieve optimum levels of waste treatment and plant efficiency. And in time, to plan and implement the GreenLine Project (sewer interconnect with Spindale) 

To expand recreational/athletic opportunities to support local community needs, foster tourism and stimulate the local economy. Examples include Bouldering, Dragon Boat Racing events, Dirty Dancing Festival and Open Water Swim Competition.

To collaborate and cooperatively develop Chimney Rock State Park to maximize benefit to the area. And, in conjunction, oversee plans for a vibrant town center and recreational hiking and biking trail system throughout our community

To work with the Council, Town Manager and all town personnel to continuously improve processes to the benefit of our citizens

My overall objective is always to work with others to make this an even better place to live, work and play. But that requires the thoughtful and considerate participation of all citizens. To that end, my door is always open and I will always try to be as available as the town demands. Thank you for placing your trust in me. 

Bob Keith