Memorial Day Tribute

Virtual Memorial Day Tribute  



The Town of Lake Lure has built this Virtual Memorial Day Tribute for the loved ones of Lake Lure family members who valiantly served. 

If you would like to participate in this tribute, please send in a picture of your loved one with their name, branch of service, period of service, and anything else you would like to share about your loved one who served.  We will share the picture and information about your loved one on our Town Website on this special Memorial Day Tribute.     
Please send your information to For questions please call 828-625-9983, extension 103.

Thank you for helping us honor those who served so bravely!









Lt Rodney Anderson

Lt Rodney Anderson, USN (1932-2012) served four years active duty as a Navy fighter pilot during the Korean War.

Rodney Anderson's widow is our neighbor  Yvonne Anderson



Charles Auther " Ott" Barnes 

Charles Auther " Ott" Barnes was a private in the US Army.  He fought in Vietnam.  He gave so much and was a true hero in his nieces' eyes.

Charles Auther " Ott" Barnes' niece is Sherry Norwood.  Ms. Norwood stated, "He is an awesome role model and his niece loves him very much!"





PFC Roy Simpson Flynn, Jr.

PFC Roy Simpson Flynn, Jr. paid the ultimate price on March 9, 1951 in the Korean War. 

He was in the Army, 23rd Infantry Regiment L Co 3 BN.  He was survived by his parents, Roy Simpson Flynn, Sr. and Myrtle Searcy Flynn, two brothers, Wayne and Kelly and four sisters, Juanita, Betty, Shirley and Eleanor.

He was given a full Military Funeral at Bill's Creek Baptist Church.  His family was devastated by his loss, along with the community. 

We honor PFC Roy Simpson Flynn, Jr. and his family for their tremendous sacrifice.


William Williams Foard

Will Foard joined the Army Air Corps in February 1943.  He flew P-51 Mustangs as escort for B-17 and B-24 bombing missions over Europe while based mainly in Leiston, England. When the war in Europe ended, he volunteered to join the forces in the Pacific preparing to invade Japan. The atomic bombs were dropped while he was on a ship crossing the Atlantic, and Japan surrendered, so he was discharged in December 1945. He headed back to Clemson to finish his degree, but stayed in the Air Force Reserves until retiring in 1972 with the rank of Lt. Colonel. (1924 - 2016)


Will Foard's daughter is our neighbor Julie Toffaletti.

Restored P-51, Swamp Fox, owned and flown in area air shows by Robert Dickson Sr. and Robert Dickson Jr. shown in photo with Will Foard. Julie remarked that "the Swamp Fox P-51 is named for the P-51 that my dad flew and named during the war."





Col. Thomas A. Graham
Col. Thomas A. Graham served in the US Army Artillery during World War II.
The photograph is of Col. Thomas A. Graham US Army (Retired) & his daughter Nancy McNary
1937 - 1963
World War II
Thomas Graham's daughter is our neighbor Nancy McNary.






Edwin C. Krejci  


Edwin C. Krejci served in the US Navy from 1941-1945,  He is a Pearl Harbor Survivor and served on the USS Phoenix (light destroyer) . 

Edwin Krejci is our neighbor Richard Krejci's Father







Major William B. McNary 

Major William B. McNary USAF (Retired)
Navigator 1956 - 1979 Vietnam

William McNary's wife is our neighbor Nancy McNary.



 Roland Morrison


Roland Morrison served in in the Army Air Corp during WWII in the Pacific Theater

Roland Morrison is Buddy Morrison's Father.  




 Sam Payne

Sam Payne served in the US Army during WWII in the 17th Armored Engineering Battalion.  He served from 1942-1945

Sam Payne survived the war, came home, got married and raised a family, never seeing his war experience as anything more than just doing what needed to be done at the time.

Sam Payne is our neighbor Mike Payne's Father.




Robert Hill Powers 

Robert Hill Powers served in the 39th Infantry in the US Army. He was a 2nd Lt and served in New Guinea during the Pacific Campaign. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his service. 

Robert Hill Power's Granddaughter is our neighbor Laura Krejci






William Hayes Taylor 

William Hayes Taylor Ret. Master Sgt. US Army gave so much and was a true hero in his Granddaughter's eyes.

William Hayes Taylor's Granddaughter is our neighbor Sherry Norwood.  She added, "Thank you for keeping my country free and for your sacrifice!!!!!"