Mountain & Hillside Development

"The mountainous area of Western North Carolina is experiencing rapid growth and increasingly more development is moving onto steeper slopes and mountain ridges. Community leaders and long-time residents are expressing concerns about losing the resources and view sheds that give this region its unique sense of place. Local governments are looking for ways to encourage and/or require safer and more responsible development on steep slopes. “Mountain Ridge and Steep Slope Protection Strategies,”

Land of Sky Regional Council, April 2008


Maintaining Smart Development on Mountains & Hillsides

These very concerns from the Land of Sky Regional Council found voice in the 2007-2027 Lake Lure Comprehensive Plan.

  Policy LU-1-2.1 calls for the establishment of an overlay zoning district to restrict development above the 1,500-feet elevation to protect view sheds, vegetation and steep slopes. This policy calls for regulations addressing “all factors that have a direct impact on the quality of development at this highly visible elevation: tree protection / area of disturbance maximums, building height, density, etc.” Likewise, Objective NE-3-1 of the Comprehensive Plan advocates minimizing “negative impacts from grading on steep slopes and post-construction storm water runoff.” 

In order to address these concerns and implement the policies of the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning and Planning Board, in May of 2007, began work on a steep slope ordinance for the Town. The Board produced a draft ordinance which faithfully responded to the directives of the Comprehensive Plan by regulating tree protection, limits on disturbance and impervious surfaces, building height and density. Town Council adopted the original ordinance on November 18, 2008, with subsequent amendments being adopted on March 10, 2009 and August 9, 2011.

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