New level of protection for police and citizens begins in Lake Lure

Police Department Implements Wearing of  Body-Cams

Late last year, the North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Council awarded the Lake Lure Police Department a grant just over $25,000 to outfit each officer with a Body Worn Camera.  The grant was jointly written by Administrative Assistant Kat Canant and then Financial Assistant Julie Scherer.

Body Worn Cameras are a key tool to record occurrences while on scene at an incident and during traffic stops. In fact, most law enforcement departments in the State of North Carolina are now equipped with both body worn cameras and in-car cameras. 

An assortment of cameras and software were tested and studied by the police department and after several weeks, the officers decided on the LE4 Body Worn Camera by VieVu

"Our entire department was involved in the decision to wear body worn cameras (BWC)," stated Chief Sean Humphries. 

"While there is some nationwide controversy over their use, the important thing is that we want to protect the public and ourselves," he said. "We researched not only the BWC at other departments, but additionally put into place policies and procedures regarding the use of the BWC here in Lake Lure."

An article from the U.S. Department of Justice lays out reasons for thorough research and use of the cameras, stating. "If police departments deploy body-worn cameras without well-designed policies, practices, and training of officers to back up the initiative, departments will inevitably find themselves caught in difficult public battles that will undermine public trust in the police rather than increasing community support for the police." 

This statement was important to the department as the relationship between the community of Lake Lure and the Police Department is a finely tuned one.  The community is behind the police for implementing the use of the cameras.  Chief Humphries remarked, "It's the structure of support within the community that has generated a positive feeling for our department.  It has increased the public trust and created a safe atmosphere for our officers."

Today, the department is fully equipped with Body Worn Cameras in addition to their In-Car Cameras which they began using in the mid 1990's. And, due to the newly purchased camera port, videos can be downloaded in seconds, freeing the officer to secure the data and return to patrolling.