Nov. 18 AM Update from NC Forest Service

Nov. 18th Update from the NC Forest Service: Re-entry Announced for Business Owners & Residents of Chimney Rock Village  VILLAGE 

Nov. 18: Chimney Rock Village re-entry for business owners and residents will occur this Saturday (11/19) at noon.
Windshield passes will be required to enter the Village. 
The process to obtain these re-entry passes is being coordinated through the Fire Information Center
Once passes are obtained, those business owners and residents planning to re-enter can do so from either the north or south using Highway 74-A/64.
Law enforcement checkpoints will be located at both ends of town to support re-entry.
As residents and business owners enter from either checkpoint, sheriff's deputies will hand out the special passes for the village only.

NOTE - THE ROAD REMAINS CLOSED THROUGH Chimney Rock Village to visitors and through-traffic until further notice. 

To obtain a re-entry pass or if re-entry questions arise, contact the Party Rock Fire Information Center at 828-513-2500 or 336-455-9641; or by email at m.