Nov. 20 Update Three from NC Forest Service

Phased Opening of Chimney Rock Village to Public Begins Monday

Nov. 20, 2016 -- Chimney Rock Village will be opened to the public at noon on Monday, November 21. This area has been closed due to the Party Rock Fire, and only recently opened to Village business owners and residents.

Trucks delivering food and other commerce supplies, and school buses will have access to the Village and highway 74A/64 starting immediately after Sunday midnight. Henderson County school buses will also resume their normal travel routes on November 21.

While access to Chimney Rock Village is being opened to the public, it is essential that those traveling through or visiting the area remain vigilant to the dangers that still exist due to the wildfire.

The public is strongly encouraged to stay out of the burned woodlands. Many dangers still exist, such as trees that are weakened from the fire and smoldering stump holes.

Standing dead and cured trees, otherwise known as snags, may fall without warning and cause serious injury or death. Because of the fire, there are more snags than normal posing a danger to those entering the fire’s footprint.

The Rumbling Bald Resort area remains closed at this time. “The situation is still serious and we need to see what the fire does with this evening’s gusty winds before our re-entry decision is made,” said Lake Lure Mayor Bob Keith on the status on the Rumbling Bald Resort.