Nov. 20 Update Two from the NC Forest Service

Party Rock Fire Evening Update: Fire Lines Holding

Nov. 20, 2016 - Fire managers report the fire has not crossed containment lines, despite winds gusting up to 45 mph throughout the weekend.

While areas within the Party Rock Fire footprint are still smoldering and occasionally flaring up briefly, no fire has escaped the perimeter.

Air quality has improved dramatically, as the winds have cleared the air of smoke. No new evacuations have been issued, and there are no changes in existing evacuations in the area of the Party Rock Fire as of 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

Containment on the 7,171-acre Party Rock Fire has increased to 45 percent. There are 925 firefighters working to protect homes and property.

Residents and business owners were allowed back into Chimney Rock Village and Bat Cave on Saturday.

Permits are required to re-enter Chimney Rock Village. Contact the Party Rock Fire Information Office for details.

An incident management team from Oregon is arriving this week to take command of the Party Rock Fire. The Oregon team will spend a couple days working with the North Carolina team to ensure a smooth hand-off of fire management responsibilities takes place.

The transfer of command from the North Carolina team to the new team will take place on Wednesday morning, November 23.

A stretch of Highway 74-A leading into Chimney Rock Village from the north and south remains closed.