Nov. 22 Update Two from NC Forest Service

Pinnacle Mountain Fire Impacting Air Quality in Lake Lure  

Nov. 22 - Smoke from the Pinnacle Mountain Fire in South Carolina has drifted into the Party Rock Fire area and is expected to linger overnight and into tomorrow. While there is some minimal fire activity left within the Party Rock Fire perimeter, it is not producing the smoke being experienced today.

A temperature inversion, coupled with light wind, means the smoke may stay trapped in the valley bottoms through tomorrow morning.
An aerial infrared image of the Party Rock Fire taken last night still shows some areas of isolated heat, such as smoldering stumps or large downed trees.

The strong winds during the past three days have also blown a lot of leaves into the burn area. When this new fuel lands on a heat source, there is a chance of more burning and more smoke.

Some instances of this “re-burning” has been observed, especially at night, during the past few days. If any of these pose a threat to containment lines or structures fire fighters will actively extinguish them. The other hot spots, as long as they stay small and are well within the fire’s interior, will be allowed to burn out on their own.

Residents may see what appear to be small campfires in the nights ahead, but do not need to call authorities unless they believe what they are seeing poses an immediate threat to life or property.

Businesses or residents in the Lake Lure area who have questions about smoke damage and insurance claims can contact the Lake Lure Chamber of Commerce at (828) 625-2725. Anyone with fire or smoke damage should consult with their insurance carrier before signing contracts for cleaning or repair services.