Nov. 8 (8 pm) Update on Fire at Party Rock

The Party Rock Fire has grown to an estimated 344 acres and is currently still at 30 percent containment. The containment is on the south side of the fire, effectively protecting homes along Boys Camp Road and Carsons Way.
Residents will begin noticing more aircraft flying over in the coming days, as there are now seven aviation resources devoted to this fire. There are currently three heavy air tankers working on the fire. These aircraft are dropping fire retardant. Each air tanker drop provides 1,500 gallons of fire retardant, for a combined drop of 4,500 gallons.
In addition to the heavy air tankers, there is one helicopter, continuing to make water drops, one scout plane, which serves as the 'eyes in the sky,' one lead plane, to lead the heavy air tankers to the drop sites, and one air attack plane, which coordinates all of the aviation activity from above.

The NC Forest Service continues to provide 24-hour shifts to monitor and work on this fire.

For more information, contact PIO Victoria Tillotson, NC Forest Service 919-500-8757