Obtaining a Burn Permit

Assuming there is no burn ban in place, burn permits are free, required and available seven days a week. To burn within the town limits of Lake Lure, the burn permit must come from the Lake Lure Fire Department.

Permits from any other agency are not valid.  Call or come to the Lake Lure Fire Department, at 622 Memorial Highway across from the Municipal Golf Course. 

Given that this area frequently experiences high winds and breezy days, or is sometimes in a drought condition, burn bans are in place more often than you may realize.

If you have any doubt, it is best to contact the Fire Department at 828-625-9333.

Remember, the only thing that can be legally burned is vegetation in its natural state. Burning trash and/or construction materials is illegal. It is unnecessary to obtain a burn permit for campfires or outdoor fireplaces.

Online burn permit applications are not available at this time.