Meet our Awesome Neighbors

Sharing this stunning backdrop we call Hickory Nut Gorge is our next door neighbor, Chimney Rock Village.

This friendly and fun little town has a unique vibe and history all its own. Lying directly below the famous vistas of Chimney Rock Mountain, the entrance to Chimney Rock State Park is in the heart of the village.

And it contains almost three miles of the scenic Rocky Broad River, which is the prime source of water into Lake Lure. 

The relationship of how our two communities evolved is tied to a deep and shared history that is as much fun to tell as it is to learn. 

To take in the sights from a completely different vantage point, visitors often bring their kayaks and canoes to traverse the Rocky Broad River.  Anglers looking to snag bass and trout are also a common site along the river's edge.

Like the people of Lake Lure, the residents and business owners of Chimney Rock Village are eager to share our mutual home with you.

Whether you enjoy the assortment of hotels, eateries, attractions, shops, and services; the small town friendliness of our two communities will captivate you, and  hopefully have you coming back to see us again and again.

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