Buffalo Creek Park and Weed Patch Mountain Trail Parking

There is now parking availability at Chimney Rock State Park (CRSP) in the new Eagle Rock Parking Lot.  This new lot enables access to the CRSP/Eagle Rock terminus of Weed Patch Mountain Trail.


      • Please carpool as there are 8 parking spaces available per day.
      • The road to the parking area is a one lane gravel logging road which may be difficult to traverse if you have a vehicle with low ground clearance.
      • Trailers and vehicles larger than a 15-passenger van are prohibited. 
      • For questions about this access, please call 828-625-1823.


      There is no overnight parking. Visitors are limited to the hours between dawn and dusk.

      Do not park on private property. Violation of any of these terms and conditions could result in a citation or your vehicle being towed.

      User access to the Eagle Rock area is available through the Buffalo Creek Park parking lot, which requires a 10 mile hike through the newly constructed Weed Patch Mountain Trail.