Police Patrol Zones & Home Watch Program

Even peaceful settings of homes like these benefit from a residential security check by local officers.

The Lake Lure Police Department conducts an intensive security check throughout the community every day of the month, with businesses checked during the evening hours, and town roads checked throughout the day.

In addition, the Lake Lure Police Department offers a year-round Home Watch Program.  This program is for residents of Lake Lure that may be going on vacation or plan to be away from their home for an extended period of time.  To find out more about our Home Watch Program call 828-625-4685 or complete one of our Home Watch Program forms and bring it by our office or email it to police@townoflakelure.com

The Lake Lure Police Department is continuously developing a philosophy and organizational strategy of community policing implementation. This will allow the police and community residents to work increasingly together in developing new ways to solve the problems of crime, fear of crime, physical and social disorder and neighborhood decay. The philosophy rests in the belief that law-abiding people in the community deserve input into the police process.  The patrol area encompasses the following five zones:

Zone #1 - All areas north of Lake Lure Village Resort, including Rumbling Bald Resort and all property within the town limits on Buffalo Creek Road

Zone #2 - Buffalo Shoals Road north to Buffalo Creek Road within the town limits

Zone #3 - Snug Harbor Circle to Island Creek Road

Zone #4 - Chimney Rock State Park east to Snug Harbor Circle

Zone #5 - Boys Camp Road and all roads adjacent, including Lake Lure Village Resort

Hopefully, this philosophy and organizational strategy will provide decentralized, personalized police service to the community, with flexibility to meet local needs and priorities as they change over time. The officers of the Lake Lure Police Department desire your comments in making Lake Lure a safer and even more attractive place to live. 

Your community police department encourages you to use these security-enhancing programs and report any suspicious circumstances when observed.