Winter Weather Alerts

 December 12, 2018: Winter Weather Updates

For those traveling into or out of Lake Lure, major roadways are all passable including I-26 to Highway 74 to Hendersonville, Highway 74 to Asheville, I-40 to Marion. And 64/74 into Lake Lure has been reopened this afternoon.
• The NC Department of Transportation is focusing their efforts on the hardest hit areas west of 221, including Lake Lure and Chimney Rock. 
• Duke Energy has 26 crews staged in Lake Lure to addressed downed trees and to restore power in the area. 
• Crews are highly focused on Burnt Ridge, Riverbend, Young's Mountain and Rumbling Bald Resort. 
• We realize there are still many without power, but crews are working diligently to address the issues.
• Please note that Ingles Grocery is open today until 11pm and from 7AM-11PM tomorrow, 12/13/18. Dollar General is open until 10PM today and tomorrow, 12/13/18. Carolina Trust and the gas stations have been open today and will be open tomorrow, 12/13/18.
• For all emergencies please call 911. 
• Town Hall is open, however phone lines are still not operational. For all non-emergent questions, please call 828-625-9333.  

December 11, 2018: Power, Water and Tree Removal Updates

Town of Lake Lure Public Works and Fire Departments are working with Shields Tree Service to remove fallen trees throughout the area. Teams have removed approximately 100 trees and are continuing these efforts throughout the day. Duke Energy reports that they have restored power to 90% of those without power in the community. They are focusing their repairs on the Rumbling Bald Resort area today and have dispatched additional crews to Lake Lure on 12/11/18. Many of remaining outages should be restored either today or tomorrow by Duke.

The Town of Lake Lure now has power restored at all Town of Lake Lure wells, except for the reservoir, which the Town will keep operational with a generator. The Town will keep water flowing to as many Town customers as possible. The water system in Rumbling Bald Resort is not a Town controlled system. Main roadways have been plowed and have been treated with chat (sand and pea sized gravel).

Public Works has made tremendous progress plowing Town owned and maintained streets. Main roadways into Lake Lure are passable, but driving remains hazardous due to slush and black ice. Please use precautions and be safe.

Additional updates will be provided as new information becomes available.


December 10, 2018: Winter Weather - Road Updates

Roads that have been cleared and checked include: Boys Camp to Burnt Ridge, Snug Harbor, Chimney Cliffs, Fisher, Lake View, Charlotte Road to the Island, Holmes Rad, and Stormy Ridge Road.  Buffalo Shoals has been scrapped and cleared.  Over 20 trees have been cut and removed from the roadway and there have been countless public assists along the way.  Please stay off the roads due to hazardous conditions. The roads will freeze with lower temperatures that are predicted tonight.  Frozen slush and black ice are anticipated.

December 9, 2018 Updates

Town of Lake Lure declared a State of Emergency today due to inclement weather.

·  A major power line is down and Duke Energy has been in the area to assess the damage 12/9/18.

·  A crew will be dispatched 12/10/18 to restore power to the area. 

·  Internet cable and phones are out in some areas.

·  Town of Lake Lure staff are plowing roads and putting down chat, but driving remains hazardous.

·  Please stay at home until it is safe to drive.

·  Please call 911 for any emergencies and the Lake Lure Fire Department for questions at updated number: 828-625-9318. 

·  The following schools have been identified as emergency shelters: Dunbar Elementary School in Forest City and East Henderson High School in Henderson County.

·  Town of Lake Lure Police, Fire and Public Works staff are working around the clock; however, Town Hall will be closed 12/10/11. 

Special thanks to all those working throughout the storm!

Updates will be provided as soon as additional information becomes available.

December 9, 2018: Regarding internet service: Pangea Board Member, Russ Pitts provided the following update: "Around approximately 5am on Sunday morning, Pangaea's fiber cable that provides broadband internet connectivity for the Lake Lure area was impacted/damaged by what is suspected to be a fallen tree onto utility lines during the winter storm between Town Hall and Hwy 9 South. This has created a broadband internet outage for all Pangaea customers including Skyrunner customers, where Skyrunner's equipment is tied to the damaged fiber cable. The full extent of the damage and estimated repair times are unknown until repair technicians in bucket trucks can safely access primary and secondary roads to inspect and repair damage. Pangaea is committed to get service reinstated as quickly as possible and apologizes for any inconvenience this storm generated outage has created."  


December 6, 2018 4:00 pm Winter Storm Alert

The Town of Lake Lure’s Emergency Preparedness Team has been activated in preparation for the winter storm that is predicted to begin on 12/8/18.  

·  Town staff will pre-treat certain roads with chat (sand and pea gravel).

·   When snow accumulates, the team will begin plowing roads and distributing chat 24 hours a day, as needed. 

·   All roads will be plowed from 7am-7pm. 

·   For the staff’s safety, only main roads will be plowed from 7pm-7am, unless there is an emergency. 

·   Staff will remove any fallen trees on main roads first and then on secondary roads as needed.

·   If you have an emergency please call 911.

·   For questions: Please call the Lake Lure Fire Department at 828-625-9318 (Updated Number).


·   To receive Emergency Alerts: Sign up for Code Red at:

·   For information on weather and how to prepare: Upload the ReadyNC App at:

·   Lake Lure Updates will be posted on the Town’s Website:


·   Please do not attempt to drive in the snow.

·   NC Emergency Management strongly encourages people to be prepared to be in your home for 72 hours without power.

·   First, you must have a backup source of heat such as gas logs, a wood stove or other approved indoor heat that does not require electricity to operate.

·   Caution, only use heating devices designed for indoor heating, portable kerosene heaters are not designed to be used in unventilated areas.

·   People suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning every year from using these kerosene heaters indoors.

·   Ensure you have sufficient food and water stored for each member of your family for 72 hours.

·   Fill your tub with water and you can use this water to flush the commode, etc.

·   Ensure you have a supply of your medications and oxygen (if needed), flashlights, batteries, battery-operated radio, first aid kit, blankets, and baby supplies, if you have a baby in the house.

·   Charge your cell phone and make sure your batteries are charged. 

·   Ensure pets have shelter and provisions.

·   If you do need help, then do not hesitate to call 911