Think Before You Toss ~ There Really Is No Such Thing As 'Throw Away'

There is a better, more responsible alternative to simply tossing unwanted garbage in the trash can.

Active participation in Lake Lureís curbside recycling program or at one of ten Convenience Centers is one more little thing we can do together to reflect the kind of community that we want to be - one where citizens and visitors are good stewards of our limited natural resources.

At only $8.50 a month, plus the one-time cost of bins, the more households we have in the program, the more likely we can keep the price low and avoid a mandatory route, which is what virtually all the other communities around us have implemented.


And now that no sorting of materials is required, it's easier than ever to get into the habit!

Lake Lure prides itself on conserving land and water resources. Please go the next step and get into the habit of recycling, if not through the curbside program then through your own convenience centers.  The closest one to Lake Lure residents is the Bill's Creek Convenience Center.

Any way you do it, Itís easy, inexpensive and it really does make a difference.