Residential Vacation Rentals

What are Residential Vacation Rentals?

Given that Lake Lure is a tourism-dependent economy, it is in our collective best interest that the traveling public has a positive experience while staying in our community.

Therefore, the Town of Lake Lure has official standards for residential vacation rental homes. 

The standards are designed to safeguard the health, peace, safety, harmony and general welfare of our residential neighborhoods.

A residential vacation rental is defined as the rental of any portion of a single-family dwelling, as well as, in certain zoning districts, the rental of any portion of a duplex for occupancy, dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes for any period of time less than 30 days.

This rental activity is considered a commercial use of the home and property.

What are the Town's standards for Residential Vacation Rentals?

    The adopted standards for Residential Vacation Rentals include:

    • Overnight occupancy is limited to two persons per bedroom plus four additional persons or twelve people total, whichever is less. In order ensure The number of bedrooms will be verified with the Rutherford County Tax Assessor’s Property Information Card to also assure the sufficiency of waster system on site.
    • Signs advertising the property as a residential vacation rental are prohibited in all R-1 districts as well as the R-2 and M-1 districts. Signs in all other districts must conform to the standards in the sign regulations.
    • Parking is allowed only in the designated parking areas as shown at the time of application.
    • Trash receptacles that are animal resistant and located in an enclosed area must be provided at each rental house. All household trash must be placed in these receptacles.
    • Occupants of the rental are required to conduct themselves in accordance with all applicable town, county, state, and federal regulations.
    • The 24/7 contact information for the rental must be posted on the exterior of the building. 
    • An RVR addendum that outlines these standards must be provided with each rental agreement.
    How do I know if I can use my house as a residential vacation rental?

    As of January 1, 2010, residential vacation rentals are a permitted use subject to special requirements in most zoning districts. A Vacation Rental Operating Permit is required to operate a residential vacation rental; however, you may be exempt from this requirement if your home is:

    • Rented no more than two times per calendar year for a total combined time of less than two weeks, or
    • Located in a multi-family dwelling, or located in a duplex and not located in any of the R-1 zoning districts or the R-2 and M-1 zoning districts.

    How do I get a Vacation Rental Operating Permit?

    A Vacation Rental Operating Permit application can be obtained from Town Hall or can be downloaded here. This application solicits necessary information pertaining to the property you want approved.

    The application and fee are to be paid to the Code Enforcement Coordinator who reviews the application and makes a decision based on standards in the Zoning Regulations.

    From beginning to end, the process will take about 3-4 days, barring extenuating circumstances, such as a high number of applications in a short period of time, and other staffing demands. Overall, the Town estimates that it will usually take no more than two weeks for a complete turnaround of the application/approval process.

    What information does the Town need with my application?

    In addition to basic information about the property, owner, and rental manager, the following is required:

    • A site plan showing off-street parking
    • Number of bedrooms intended for occupancy
    • Sewer certification by a NC licensed professional if the structure is served by the Town's sewer system 
    • Copy of town commercial boat license, if use of the boat is being offered with the rental
    • Copy of the standard rental agreement
    • • Copy of the Town of Lake Lure contract addendum

    How are complaints concerning Residential Vacation Rentals handled?

    When an individual is granted a vacation rental operating permit, all contiguous property owners are notified via First Class Mail. This is so that immediately surrounding property owners are aware that the home is utilized as a vacation rental.

    In the event of an issue regarding the use or misuse of a vacation rental:

    • Depending on the nature of the problem, complaints will be handled by the 24/7 contact person, the Lake Lure Police Department and the Code Enforcement Coordinator.
    • Concerns should be logged with town staff for research and reporting purposes. Complaints will be fully researched for validity and resolution.