Street Maintenance

As of 2011, there are 27.64 miles of Town streets in Lake Lure.

With 111 miles of roads in the town limits, streets, shoulders, ditches and right-of-way in town are the responsibility of one of three groups:

  • NC Department of Transportation
  • The Town of Lake Lure
  • Private property owners   

Town Streets:

Town streets are those roads, or portions of roads, that appear on our official Powell Bill map submitted annually to the state of North Carolina.  These streets have been either officially dedicated, to or accepted by, the town or the town has actively maintained them for years.  Most of these are paved, but there are a few town streets with a gravel surface.  In some cases the town may actually have deeded ownership of the land under the road, but in instances, that is not the case. As of 2011, there are 27.64 miles of Town streets in Lake Lure.

The Town will enforce its right of way on all town streets when the town deems it appropriate to do so.  Property owners cannot build upon or block the right of way of town streets.

Private Streets

If a road is not a town street, then in most instances it is a private road.  It is owned and maintained collectively by the adjoining property owners and, in many cases, owned collectively by all the lot owners in the subdivision.  There may or may not be an owner’s association overseeing maintenance and protection of these rights.  It may be up to individual lot owners, singularly or collectively, to enforce those rights in private civil actions.  There are approximately 70 miles of private roads in town.

Planned Streets: 

If a road was platted and recorded with the Register of Deeds, it will appear on the tax maps—even if it may never have been cut, improved or maintained.  This is a private road.

  • The town does not enforce right-of-way issues on private streets.  If there are disputes over parking, chains, gates—these are issues between neighbors.
  • The town will not perform maintenance on or along private streets without council approval.

State Roads in Lake Lure):                                    Memorial Hwy (64/74A), NC 9 Hwy, Buffalo Shoals Road, Buffalo Creek Road.  A total of 14.65 miles. 

Examples of Town streets (their full length):       Boys Camp Road, Seton Road, Charlotte Drive. 

Examples of Town streets (only a portion):          Washburn Road, Proctor Road, Lakeridge, Allen Drive

Examples of private streets:                                 Mistletoe Park Lane, Caddy Lane, Knight Hollow Way, Garden Lane

Examples of planned streets:                                Portions of Marina Drive, Asa Gray and Pleasant Circle.