Learning Life Lessons is Par for the Course in Student Golf Club

Commissioner Bob Cameron talks with students after a recent practice

While Lake Lure Classical Academy may be a relatively new school by standards of time, that hasn't stopped the faculty, volunteers or students from creating some cool athletic programs, namely a local golf club.

 Mitchel McNeely of LLCA came up with the idea for a golf club that uickly garnered the participation from students in the 3rd, 5th, middle and high school grades.

“When you look at a young school, it is sometimes hard to get an athletic program going until you have more students and a means to support it,” McNeely observed. The golf club was a natural fit for us, as we can utilize the resources which are already in place and also be able to teach our students in another area outside of the classroom.”

The resources McNeely refers to are the town’s own municipal course, the Lake Lure Golf Club as well as local golf enthusiasts, Commissioner Bob Cameron and the School’s Foundation President, Todd Morse

Cameron is an avid golfer and former golf pro while Morse has played golf since childhood. Along with McNeely, the two men came together to help get the club off the ground.

Asked what sorts of life lessons the students can learn from their new hobby, Morse said, “Honesty and integrity are huge parts of the game. I believe it's the only game in which players call penalties on themselves.

If you cheat, you're really only cheating yourself in the end.  Golf is you against not only the course, but yourself.  You really have to stay in the moment and take the round one shot at a time…even though you may have a goal for your score for the whole round.  It's a great strategy game that requires different tools at different times under different circumstances. You have to figure out which tool is right for the job at hand, including the ‘tool’ between your ears.”  

While the club may eventually compete against other schools, the goals now are straightforward - to teach the fundamentals of golf, golf etiquette and the basic rules of golf.

The club welcomes the donation of new or re-purposed clubs or golf balls.  To get involved, contact Mitchel McKneely at: mmcneely@llca.teamcfa.org