Winter 2020





There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as a reminder, CDC always recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Follow CDC’s recommendations for using a facemask.
    • CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.
    • Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to  others. The use of facemasks is also crucial for health workers and people who are taking care of someone in close settings (at home or in a health care facility).
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
    • If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

For information about handwashing, see CDC’s Handwashing website

For information specific to healthcare, see CDC’s Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings

These are everyday habits that can help prevent the spread of several viruses. CDC does have specific guidance for travelers.


Center for Disease Control (CDC) Recommendations


While the immediate risk of this new virus to the American public is believed to be low at this time, everyone can do their part to help us respond to this emerging public health threat:

It’s currently flu and respiratory disease season and CDC recommends getting a flu vaccine, taking everyday preventive actions to help stop the spread of germs, and taking flu antivirals if prescribed.

If you are a healthcare provider, be on the look-out for people who recently traveled from China and have fever and respiratory symptoms.

If you are a healthcare provider caring for a COVID-19 patient or a public health responder, please take care of yourself and follow recommended infection control procedures.

If you have been in China or have been exposed to someone sick with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you will face some limitations on your movement and activity. Please follow instructions during this time. Your cooperation is integral to the ongoing public health response to try to slow spread of this virus. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, contact your healthcare provider, and tell them about your symptoms and your travel or exposure to a COVID-19 patient.

For people who are ill with COVID-19, please follow CDC guidance on how to reduce the risk of spreading your illness to others.  

For additional information please visit 





Temporary Detour

February 29, 2020



The Lake Lure Fire Department burned the building at the corner of Highway 9 and Memorial Highway on the morning of Saturday, 2/29/20. The building is across from the LakeHouse Restaurant in the Town of Lake Lure, NC. This process began at 8:00 AM and the clean-up was completed by early afternoon. Memorial Highway remained open. Highway 9 was closed from Nesbitt Ridge near the Lake Lure Ingles to Memorial Highway. Highway 9 and the Lake Lure Ingles access was open through the Island Creek Road detour. Police Officers were stationed in the area to provide direction to the public as needed.





Census 2020 Employment Opportunity - Apply Now


The US Census is currently hiring people for temporary work, as Census Takers.

• The pay is $17.00/hour: $680 for a 40 hour work week + mileage. This amounts to $3,000 - $5,000 in the 8 weeks job period. No experience necessary. Paid training is provided.

• To apply visit:

• Or you can come to the Job Fair: Friday, 2/21/20: 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm at the Mountains Branch Public Library, 150 Bills Creek Rd, Lake Lure, NC 28746






Caution: Black Ice

February 21, 2019


We asked the public to use caution and watch for black ice if they were on the roads on February 21, 2020.  The temperatures did not rise above freezing until later in the morning. 




Delayed Opening - 10:00 am

February 21, 2020


The Town of Lake Lure, NC follows the Rutherford County schedule during inclement weather. Lake Lure Town Hall opened at 10:00 am on 2/21/20 to allow time for any ice on the roads to melt.  



Employment Opportunity: Dam and Hydro-Electric Plant Director


The Town of Lake Lure, NC posted a position for a Dam and Hydro-Electric Plant Director.

This work involves management, technical and professional oversight for the dam and hydro-electric operations. This includes maintenance functions regulating appropriate lake levels and operating and maintaining the Town’s hydroelectric generation system. Please click here for additional information and to download the employment application.  The posting is now closed. 



Trails are Now Open for Your Enjoyment


The Town of Lake Lure, NC has reopened Buffalo Creek Park, Buffalo Creek Park Loop Trail, and Weed Patch Mountain Trail. Thank you for visiting and valuing our trails!


Lake Level Updates

February 14, 2020


Lake Lure reach approximately 6” inches below full pond on Monday, February 17, 2020. The Town of Lake Lure, NC  maintain the Lake at approximately 6” inch below full pond in preparation for the forecasted rain.  For additional information check out Lake Levels.  








Rumble 2020


The 6th Annual Bouldering and Roped Climbing Competition was back in 2020.  The Carolina Climbing Competition coordinated the event at Rumbling Bald.

Special thanks to sponsors for making this event possible: 

Title Sponsor: Climbmax Climbing

Gold Sponsors: Rumbling Bald Resort, Second Gear, REI Asheville

Silver Sponsors: Town of Lake Lure, On the Road and Off, Black Diamond, Metolius, Unparallel, BlueWater Ropes, Organic Climbing

Bronze Sponsors: Coastal Climbing, Petzl, Rab, Scarpa, Whitewater Center, American Alpine Club Atlanta, Legion Brewery, Rockoon Climbing, Inner Peaks, Urban Escape Vehicles, Mast General Store, The Hub, Misty Mountain Threadworks, Clutch Climbing, Butora, Onsight Resoles, Whistlehop Brewery, DJ Seppe March, So Ill, The Riveter, Millsaps Creative, The Climbing Zine

Supporting: Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team, Lake Lure Fire and Rescue, Lake Lure Parks and Rec, Chimney Rock Management, Chimney Rock State Park

Participants: The event was held February 14th, 2020 5:00 PM   through  February 16th, 2020 6:00 PM and there were over 200 climbers and their families and friends in town for the event.




Lure Rock

Enjoy the latest Lure Rock Comic Strip by the Town's Administrative Specialist Sha'Linda Pruitt. 





Dam Cove Reopens


The Safety Boom in Dam Cove was reinstalled.  The Cove is now open.  Please use caution in this area and do not cross over the boom.





HGTV Home Town Takeover Contest Update

Check Out Our HGTV Video Entry!


Recently we shared that Town of Lake Lure partnered with Chimney Rock Village to enter HGTV’s Home Town Take Over Contest.  This contest is HGTV’s "BIGGEST Renovation Project EVER – A takeover to makeover an ENTIRE town.”  Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village are one of many who entered the contest from across the country.  We realize winning would be a long shot but it was a great opportunity to come together in support of enhancing our community.  If we are not selected, perhaps others may be interested in supporting these enhancements in the future. We worked with Destination by Design to create a video which was supported by the Town of Lake Lure, Chimney Rock Village, the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge and the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority. Please take a moment and watch this short Video on Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village.


Town Council Summary - February 22, 2020




1.    Mayor’s Message: Mayor Pritchett opened the meeting. Communications Specialist Laura Krejci presented a video presented to HGTV Home Town Makeover Contest. Click here to watch the video.

Mayor Pritchett recognized the Emergency Management Team who took care of the Town during the recent storm event.

2.    Closed Session: Town Council went into a Closed Session to address a personnel issue.

3.    Town Manager Updates:

a.  Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Town Manager  Shannon Baldwin provided an overview of the Town’s MOU with the Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber. Chamber Executive Director Laura Doster provided an update on the MOU noting that the Town was a huge investor of the Chamber’s.  She stated that the  agreement to work as an alliance with the Town to expand commercial tax base and market town events.  She provided a detailed report of the work today in this fiscal year.

b.   Town Events/Communications and Grants:

·   Events: Communications Specialist Laura Krejci reported on Town events which were identified in an Event Calendar she disseminated.

·  Town Communications: Mrs. Krejci advised that an effort is made to communicate Town Events and News in a number of different ways to reach the largest number of people possible.  The handout she prepared included an example of the communication that is on the website under Town News.  She shared the listing of accomplishments that were made while the Lake was down, as well as a schedule of all the work that is planned for the new Boardwalk and Marina.  She mentioned that this same information is shared on the Town’s Facebook page and in a monthly update that is shared via email.

·  Grants: Ms. Krejci also mentioned that she received news on the Town’s FEMA High Hazard Dam Grant today. The Town originally received $70,000 for the FEMA grant and a subsequent application for an additional $10,000 had just been approved.  These funds will go to cover the cost of the Spillway Assessment that Schnabel Engineering is conducting.  The Town is matching these funds by 35%+. 

c.   Boardwalk/Marina Replacement: Parks, Recreation, and Lake Director Dean Givens provided an update on the Boardwalk/Marina Replacement Project stating that demolition is complete with the boardwalk. 

·  He added that dredging in the area was also complete.  

·  The docks have been ordered and will begin to be delivered on April 7, 2020.

·   The land based walkways to connect to the boardwalk are under construction with a completion day of May 22, 2020.

·   A new boat ramp has been built and put into place in the Marina.

·   Next hot docks will need to be placed for boats to be able to be launched.

·   Dock B must be moved because the ramp will come too close to that dock.

·   He is exploring a new traffic pattern at the ATM in the parking lot.

·   The right side will be a one way and then will circle around and be one way as you exit.

·   This will keep an area available for boat traffic only.  

·   Mr. Baldwin expressed that the boardwalk replacement is self-funded. He pointed out that the boardwalk was becoming extremely dangerous. The new boardwalk will be aluminum and will not deteriorate like wood. It will be self-funded by proceeds from the slips rented to pay for the boardwalk and the Marina.

d.  Dredging:  Mr. Givens reported that dredging in Rumbling Bald Resort and Firefly Cove has been completed with their own funds.  Once the lake is at full pond the Town will continue dredging in the main channel of the Lake.  He added that the Town was looking at a pond we need to dredge to keep overflow from coming into the Firefly Cove area.

e.  Lake Drawdown: Shannon Baldwin added that there will be a need for a five year schedule for the Lake drawdown and the details are being drafted now.

·  Consulting Engineer Kurt Wright briefed Council on the schedule timeline which goes through 2035.

·  He mentioned that three items associated with the Hydro-Electric Plant will be completed by December 2020.

·  After 2022, he’s proposing a five year inspection and then eventually every eight years.

·  Mr. Wright also briefed on the long-term lake drawdown schedule of events for Lake Operations and the Waste Water Treatment Plant Repairs.

·  This schedule results in a drawdown for the next three years which is the proposed schedule.

·   Mr. Baldwin noted that this is a draft in progress and could change based on LaBella’s Associates design options for the Sewer System Repairs.

·   Once finalized Mr. Baldwin will bring a recommendation back to Council for consideration and then we will communicate this schedule to the community so everyone can make plans.

·   Mr. Wright noted that the penstock inspection will probably only take about a day. It would be done within a week.

·   Mr. Baldwin felt this was a good example of how issues were accomplished while the Lake had been down. Everything was programmed and everyone did an excellent job.

f.  Dam Rehabilitation: Town Manager Shannon Baldwin reported on the dam rehabilitation mentioning that by the end of this month Schnabel Engineering would be presenting a model of life expectancy and costs associated with dam rehabilitation and phasing.  He added that USDA held a meeting with Schnabel and LaBella to discuss types of loans that were available and the phasing process for each one. 

g.  Hydro-Electric Plant Updates: Mr. Arrowood provided an update on Hydro-Electric Plant repairs noting that major repairs were made to the penstock while the Lake was drawn down. The lower turbine bearing has been replaced. A few more repairs are required for the generator to go back into service.

h.   Sewer System and Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Updates: 

·  Mr. Baldwin provided a brief background explaining that the Town has been receiving Special Orders by Consent (SOCs) which are legal document the Town has entered into with DEQ listing timeframes. The State lists fines they have issued to the Town. The Town has been receiving fines because we are out of compliance. The SOC will help to stop those fines as we work to fix the issues. There are helping us work through our issues as they know the Town is working to get back into compliance.

·  Mr. Baldwin advised that LaBella engineers are completing their technical memo which outlines the repair options and costs.  The Town has received comments from various individuals who have reviewed the technical memo.

·  Conference calls have been scheduled with NC DEQ to develop the Special Order of Consent.

·  Mr. Arrowood reported that sludge at the WWTP is on hold currently.  He spoke with Republic Services in SC to take the sludge from the Plant but they will not accept the sludge before May or June because everything is too wet. We are at their mercy because we have nowhere else to take it.      

4. Presentations: Census 2020 –2020 Census Recruiter Erin Miller briefed everyone on the importance of the Census and the need for Census takers in the Lake Lure area.

·  She stated that the Census is to gather the population for the representation in the House of Representatives.

· The Governor believes we have enough population to gain another seat in the House and has tasked people within each County to help ensure that everyone fills out the Census.

·  If we don’t have a complete count then we don’t have the information for businesses in the area, information for the kinds of roads we need, or what kinds of schools we need.

·  Roy Cooper wants to get to 80% of the count and she’s wanting to get to 100% of the population counted for.

·  This count helps with money provided to the County.

·   In mid-March everyone should receive a letter in the mail which will provide an option to fill out the Census online or by call.

·   A select population will receive paper copies; typically areas with no internet access.

·   Mobile units will be available for areas to help people fill out the Census.

·   Also Plan C is Censes Taker Provisions.

·   She provided a postcard paper seeking Census workers in western North Carolina. Lake Lure we need another 20 applicants.

·   She mentioned that the Census taker job, 18 or older, must have a vehicle, must be a citizen, and must have an email.

·   The pay is $17 and 57.5 cents a mile plus options for overtime.

·   This job is an incredible opportunity to meet your neighbors. They want people to go around their own neighborhoods.

·   Mr. Baldwin stated that the revenues the Town receives from the State, sales tax revenue is redistributed based on population, Powell Bill funds for roads is based on miles and population.

·   We will get additional revenue from the State if we get our numbers up and it’s very important to the Town to get everyone to be counted for.

·    Ms. Miller stated that in the next 4 weeks they’ll be calling 4900 people for the selection process for these jobs. Get yourself into the application pool.

·   Go online and fill out a profile and an application. Then wait for a phone call.

·   $1,800 a person for both federal and state per year that would be received. There’s a two day training period.

·   The Census will start within the next four weeks. Most jobs will happen between May and August.

·   She stated that she has a script for information to be given out for anyone who would like to provide this information.

·   They need 9,000 more people in Western North Carolina.

5. Council Liaison Reports: Please visit Meeting Agendas and Minutes to review meeting schedules and the latest information from each Board.

ü  Commissioner DiOrio reported the activities of the Utilities Advisory Board.

ü  Commissioner John Kilby reported the activities of the ABC Board and the Lake Advisory Board.

ü  Commissioner John Moore reported the activities of the Zoning and Planning Board.

ü  Commissioner Patrick Bryant reported on the Board of Adjustment and the Lake Structure           Appeals Board and noted that the Parks and Recreation Board did not meet based on the             weather.

6.  Consent Agenda:The following items were unanimously approved and adopted.

A.  Adopt the January 7, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes, the January 8, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes, the January 14, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes, and the January 28, 2020 Special Town Council Work Session Minutes

B.  Adopt the January 7, 2020 Closed Session Minutes and the January 14, 2020 Closed Session Minutes

C.  Martin Starnes & Associates’ Contract to Audit

D.  Ordinance No. 20-02-11 – Capital Project Ordinance for the Marina Expansion and Boardwalk Replacement

E.  Resolution No. 20-02-11 – Supporting US 74 to an Interstate Quality Corridor

F.  Amend the 2020 Town Council Meeting Schedule

G. BA# 266 – Sale of Commercial Center

H. BA# 268 – Dam and Hydroelectric Plant Director

7.   New Business: 

a.  Resolution No 20-02-11A Quit Claim Deed – Garlon Prewitt: Community Development Director Brad Burton stated that Garlon and Cynthia Prewitt, 180 Tryon Bay Circle, are interested in asking for a quit claim of 540 square feet of accreted land from 2013. The packet indicates what has occurred and includes a survey of the property. He built something on the Town’s property and has paid for the survey and his lawyer created a quit claim deed. He’s asking for the Town to quit claim this property back to him. The motion was approved.

 b.  Lake Level Discussion:  Town Manager Shannon Baldwin reported that the Lake is rising     and there have been little to no inquiries or complaints.  Work on the Lake is on schedule and going smoothly. Mr. Arrowood noted were 5 feet below full pond and still rising; about .5 inch an hour and a About a foot a day based on the rain we get.  H added that they were taking advantage of the rain but can’t raise more than a foot and a half to two foot a day based on guidelines. The Lake coming up is on track.

c.   Hydro-Electric Plant Director: Mr. Baldwin stated that a job description has been developed for a hydro-electric plant director position. We are recommending back filling the vacant position with a person that can basically serve as a director at the hydro-electric plant. There are a lot of routine items we need to make sure is done on a routine basis and need someone with experience in this field to bring in a level of professionalism to bring to SDG Engineering and have someone oversee this project and take some responsibility from Mr. Arrowood so he can focus on other things he has been tasked with. If Council approves this position we will place an ad to fill this position.  The position was unanimously approved.

8.   Closed Session: Town Council went into a Closed Session.

9.   Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm


Refilling Lake Lure

February 10, 2020

As planned,  the Town began filling Lake Lure on Monday, 2/10/20.  The timeline for filling the Lake back to full pond was dependent upon the amount of rain received over the next several days. Though it was difficult to have the lake down since December 2019, please take a moment to read about all the work that was completed during this time.

1. Penstock Rehabilitation: The Town conducted a full structural rehabilitation of the penstock, which is the enclosed pipe that delivers water to the hydro-electric plant turbines.  The purpose of this project was to  rehabilitate this valuable asset and restore its service life to over 50 years.  

2. Infrared Thermography Conducted: Infrared thermography is applied for dam surface monitoring. The infrared thermal imager is a nondestructive testing method for determining internal material changes by examining surface changes in radiation temperature. No issues were found.

3. Breaker Testing: All manufacturer recommended testing was conducted on our medium voltage breakers.  No issues were found.

4. Butterfly Valve Rehabilitation: The butterfly valves help ensure safe operation of the generators. The interior components of the butterfly valves have been repaired.  Both butterfly valves were cycled completely and found to be functional.  Both baffles were blasted and coated with an epoxy coating.       

5. Gear Adjustments Made: Adjustments were made to gearing for the large valve and both bypass valves were installed.

6. Intake Structure Repaired: The Dam’s intake structure has been inspected and a small leak was repaired.  The intake can seals and seat all looked good. These seals were replaced about 5 years ago.

7. Tainter Gates Inspected and Strengthened: An inspection was made of the Tainter gates on the Dam.  The Tainter gate is a type of radial arm floodgate used in dams to control water flow.  New lift cables were installed on all 3 gates.

8. Hydro-electric Plant Generator Repaired: The lower bearing in the large generator was replaced.  An overspeed test was conducted on this generator.  No issues were identified.   

9. Intake Drum Gate Hoist Replacement: The new hoist was ordered and the replacement will be completed in March after the Lake is full , a requirement for this work to be completed.

10. Sewer System Repair: A sewer system valve was installed while the Lake levels were down and it is now fully operational. 

We thank the community at large for your support as these important repairs were completed.




Safety First - Temporary Trail Closure Due to Rain

February 10. 2020


Buffalo Creek Park, including Buffalo Creek Park Loop Trail, and the award winning Weed Patch Mountain Trail remained temporarily closed for a few days based on forecasts for continued rain over several days. 

We close these areas for the safety of those who use the trails and for the protection of our trail tread.  We appreciate everyone's ongoing respect and consideration in helping us protect the trails! 




Simply Magical!

It was a a stunning weekend in Lake Lure, NC February 8-9, 2020.

Enjoy these exquisite photographs by the very talented Michelle Schwartz, Divine Landscapes by Michele Schwartz  





February 8, 2020


The snow in Lake Lure was gorgeous but it can cause slick roads.  We reminded everyone to be careful and use caution if they had to be out in the weather.  Everyone enjoyed the beauty of nature that surrounds us here in Lake Lure.

Send your snowy photos to  




What a Difference a Day Makes

February 7, 2020 


The Town's Emergency Preparedness Team met in the morning of 2/7/20 to assess the impact of the storm event. The Mayor terminated the State of Emergency.

  • Our community received approximately 5 inches of rain in a 48 hour period. 
  • We are pleased to report that there were no major incidents throughout the storm event though our Fire Department and Emergency Management Team made several weather related rescues. 
  • Dam Operators worked 24 hours a day to monitor Lake Levels closely.  
  • We were fortunate that the Lake had already been lowered for maintenance and repairs. 
  • The Town did not release more water than the Lake received during this storm. 




Emergency Preparedness Update

February 6, 2020 at 9:00 pm

As the rains continued, the Town of Lake Lure, NC used precautions not to release more water than was received from this storm event. 

The Lake Lure Dam Operators worked 24 hours a day to monitor Lake levels and the release of water. 

We encouraged everyone to use caution near rivers or streams.  We reminded anyone in need to call 911 for any emergencies and to Register for the Town’s Emergency Notification System Everbridge for emergency alerts. 




Emergency Preparedness Update

February 6, 2020 at 11:00 am  

The Town of Lake Lure’s Emergency Preparedness Plan was activated and a State of Emergency was declared. The Town’s Flood Sirens were sounded and the Town sent out a notification from Everbridge regarding flood warnings in the area. 

·  The Town used precautions not to release more water than was received from the storm event.

·   For Emergencies Call 911.

·   As additional information became available it was posted on the Town of Lake Lure Website under Town News and on the Town’s Facebook Page.

The Lake Lure Emergency Preparedness Team closely monitored lake levels, dam operations, power outages and road closures.  Consulting engineers were on call  to provide ongoing guidance as needed.

Though “State of Emergency” may sound ominous, the impact it has on citizens is anything but threatening. A State of Emergency, according to state law, can be declared during a situation or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or loss of life or property, resulting from a natural or man-made cause.  Declaring a State of Emergency means the following:

·  Enables government officials to take extra measures to protect the public

·  Triggers anti-price gouging laws

·   Enables Town to seek state or federal funding aid for disaster response if it is warranted

EVERBRIDGE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: If you have not registered for Everbridge please REGISTER NOW

For Further Information: Shannon Baldwin, Town Manager, 828-625-9983




Lake Lure’s Dam Cove Temporarily Closed

2/6/20 at 12:00 pm  


Lake Lure’s Dam Cove was closed for 48 hours from 2/6/20 – 2/8/20.  The cove was closed as the safety boom became dislocated as a result of the storm.   The boom was reinstalled as soon as possible.




Flood Warnings 2/6/20

There were flood warnings in the area of the Town of Lake Lure, NC.

Everyone was reminded to use caution, especially near rivers and streams and to dial 911 for all emergencies.






Safety First - Temporary Trail Closure Due to Rain


Buffalo Creek Park, including Buffalo Creek Park Loop Trail, and the award winning Weed Patch Mountain Trail were closed effective Thursday, 2/6/20 - Sunday, 2/9/20 based on forecasts for excessive rains.  We close these areas for the safety of those who use the trails and for the protection of our trail tread.  Your ongoing respect and consideration in helping us protect the trails is greatly appreciated.  



HGTV Home Town Takeover Contest

HGTV is preparing for its "BIGGEST Renovation Project EVER – A takeover to makeover an ENTIRE town,” as stated on the contest website. The new show will showcase one community who enters for a makeover — and it could possibly be the Lake Lure/Chimney Rock Community!

Ben and Erin Napier of the HGTV series “Home Town” want to share their makeover skills with a well-deserving town, to help “revitalize the place you call home.”

Lake Lure Mayor Carol Pritchett and Chimney Rock Village Mayor Peter O'Leary came together with the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority to pitch a combined community project to further unite the two towns.

Mayor Pritchett commented that “One of the objectives of the HGTV Home Town Takeover opportunity is to identify a Main Street that needs a makeover and potentially some store fronts or homes that need renovation.   Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure are two small towns but we are really one community and we share a Main Street.  We are partnering together to continue to strengthen our sense of community and this project may help us work toward this goal.  Our HGTV submission focusses on enhancing our Main Street by developing a walkway from Chimney Rock Village with a Riverwalk addition that connects to the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.  The walkway would extend down through Morse Park and connect to the new Marina and Boardwalk, down to the Lake Lure Beach and Pool Creek Park.  Though there are already walkways in some of these areas, this project would seek to provide further unity to our community through landscaping and lighting.  Further development of our planned outdoor amphitheater in Morse Park would be a nice addition to this project..  We hope to be considered for this project, but if not, we will continue to look for opportunities to fund these valuable enhancements to our community through grants and other mechanism.”

Interviews were conducted quickly to meet the short deadline for the contest.  Each Town was able to incorporate 4 interviews and a short video is being produced to highlight the area between Chimney Rock Village all the way down to Pool Creek Park in Lake Lure.  Destination by Design is producing the video and working closely with the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority and the community to complete the application. As was noted earlier, if this project is not selected, the plan is to pursue grants and other funding sources to support this project. 

Photographed from left to right below: Lake Lure Mayor Carol Pritchett interviewed in front of the Lake Lure Town Hall, Lake Lure Parks and Recreation Board Chair Jim Walters interviewed in Morse Park front of the future Lake Lure Amphitheater, Lake Lure Town Manager Shannon Baldwin interviewed in front of the Lake Lure Beach and Boardwalk,and Tom Keever, Executive Director, Lake Lure Classical Academy interviewed in front of Lake Lure Classical Academy.  


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Town's Communication Specialist.





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The Town of Lake Lure's Mass Notification System is Everbridge

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How It Works

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Please click here for a summary of the dam’s history, present day realities, and findings of the exhaustive analysis that has been recently conducted. 

This report also includes the next steps Town Council is taking to ensure the dam meets current day standards.   

Regular updates are provided in Town Council Meetings.






The Lake Lure Dam Bridge is owned by the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The Town of Lake Lure requested a copy of the latest safety inspection report from NCDOT. 

Please click here to read this report.

Town leaders are working to ensure a coordinated effort is made as NCDOT considers future options for renovating/replacing the bridge.




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