Town News Winter 2020






As this year comes to a close, we reflect on our accomplishments and challenges and we could not have made it through without the support of our community.  Thank you!


We have suffered numerous losses including Mayor Kevin Cooley and our Personnel Director, Anita Taylor, as well as dear friends, parents and in-laws.


                                              Kevin Cooley, Mayor                                                 Anita Taylor, Personnel Director


We have added and integrated numerous brand new staff:

•    Amy Wright (Human Resources)

•    Garrett Murphy (Parks, Recreation and Lake)

•    Carl Landrum (Parks, Recreation & Lake)

•    Sha’Linda Pruitt (Customer Service)

•    Laura Krejci (Communications/Grants/Events)

•    Mitchell Anderson (Community Development)

•    Chase Harris (Dam & Hydro-Electric Plant)

•    Jacob Carr (Dam & Hydro-Electric Plant)

•    Rhett Ballard (Fire Department)

•    Josh Hendricks (Fire Department)

•    Scout McCormick (Fire Department)

•    Matt James (Fire Department)

•    Carlos Sanchez (Police Department)

•    Kurt Wright (SDG Engineering)

…and we have managed more than one emergency:

•    House Fire (fully involved)

•    Missing Person (found)

•    Automobile Accidents (at least one fatality)

•    Captured Bad Guys (Felon)

We have worked through extreme weather events…

•    Flooding & Windstorms (Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael)

•    Snow & Ice Storm

•    Severe Lightening

•    Mudslides/Landslides

…and we have had numerous personnel change positions/departments/responsibilities with the Town:

•    Dustin Waycaster (new Fire Chief)

•    Melody Potter (transfer from Public Works to Parks, Recreation and Lake)

•    Carl Landrum (transfer from Public Works to Parks, Recreation and Lake)

•    Garrett Murphy (transfer from Community Development to Parks, Recreation and Lake Dept.)

•    Mitchell Anderson (transfer from Dam/Hydro-Electric Plant to Community Development)

•    Andy Ogle (transfer from Recreation to Public Works)

•    Brad Burton (new Community Development Director)

•    Dean Givens (new Parks, Recreation and Lake Director)

We have organized/supported/staffed/covered numerous events:

•    Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge’s Polar Plunge

•    Carolina Coalition Rumble Rock Climb

•    Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge’s Sale on the Trail  

•    Easter Sun Rise Service at Chimney Rock

•    LLCA Raptor Run Ring in Spring Event at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

•    Lake Lure Spring Classic Boat and Auto Show

•    Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach Spring Arts & Crafts Festival

•    Lake Lure Memorial Day Program

•    Lure of the Lake Olympiad Swim Event

•    July 3rd Fireworks in Town

•    July 4th Fireworks at Rumbling Bald

•    Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Event

•    Dirty Dancing Festival hosted by the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge

•    Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach Fall Arts and Crafts Festival

•    Lake Lure Veterans Day Program at Rumbling Bald Resort

•    Lighting Up Lake Lure with LLCA at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

•    Lake Lure Christmas Gala hosted by the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge

We are focused and engaged in key priorities aimed at strengthening our Town's infrastructure.

•    Dam Restoration

•    Hydro-Electric Plant Repairs

•    Sewer System Maintenance

•    Dredging to Preserve our Beautiful Lake Lure

These projects and more will be ongoing in 2020.  Our new Mayor and Town Council will guide us through it all.  We look forward to working with them and the community at large as we continue our important work.  

Town Manager, Shannon Baldwin and the Town of Lake Lure Staff


Lake Lure Lake Drawdown Updates



The Lake Lure Town Council approved lowering the lake in December to support maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure projects.   Additionally, the Town of Lake Lure historically lowers the lake on a three-year cycle to allow lakefront property owners the opportunity to repair and maintain lake structures. The following is a summary of the progress made to date, as well as an update on the schedule for repairs moving forward:


1. Penstock Rehabilitation: The Town is conducting a level IV rehabilitation of the Penstock, which is an enclosed pipe that delivers water to the hydro-electric plant turbines.  This project includes a full structural rehabilitation using a product called QuakeWrap, a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) product. The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate this valuable asset and restore its service life to over 50 years. The project is scheduled to be completed by January 5, 2020.

2. Intake Drum Gate Hoist Replacement: The hoist has been ordered and the replacement will be completed in March. The lake has to be full for this work to be completed.

3. Butterfly Valve Rehabilitation: The butterfly valves help ensure safe operation of the generators. The interior components of the butterfly valves have been assessed and the rehabilitation is in progress. It is scheduled to be completed on January 5, 2020. The rehabilitated butterfly valves will allow for the safe operation of the generators.  

4. Hydro-electric Plant Generator: The lower bearing in the large generator is in the process of being replaced and is nearing completion.

5. Dredging:  When the lake is lowered, it illustrates the critical need for ongoing dredging to maintain Lake Lure.  During the lake drawdown, dredging is focused in the Marina area and will be shifting to the main channel when lake comes back up in February.

6. Morse Park: In addition to these developments, a project is underway to expand the Morse Park event space for development of a future outdoor amphitheater.  Be sure to notice the work that is taking place to enhance the lawn (and view) between Morse Park and the Broad River, by removing the excess materials.

The following schedule outlines the Town’s plans moving forward.  Some start dates are dependent on Local Government Commission (LGC) funding approval, which is expected in January 2020. Updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

1.  Week of 1/6/2020: Lake begins to be raised.  The plan is to raise the lake to 6 feet below full pond.  The actual date that the lake will begin to be raised will be confirmed.

2.  To be determined – 5/22/20: Assembly of new Boardwalk/Marina

3.  To be determined: Delivery of new floating aluminum docks

4.  To be determined: Lake Lure Boardwalk Demolition
•    Note that the replacement Boardwalk is being built out of town simultaneously and will be
      installed as soon as possible once the demolition is complete and the lake is back up.
•    The goal is to install the replacement Boardwalk before the spring season kicks off.  

5.  To be determined – 5/22/20:Assembly of new Boardwalk/Marina



  2020 Meeting and Event Calendar

Please review the 2020 Meeting and Event Calendar and save the dates!






There will be a temporary road closure at 174 Ridge Road in the Town of Lake Lure, NC, due to road damage. The contractor is working to make repairs and stabilize the area. Repairs are estimated to take at least three weeks and updates will be provided as new information becomes available. Town staff including Public Works, Zoning, and the Fire Department will monitor the area while repairs are being made.

NOTE: House numbers 138 to 158 on Ridge Road need to take/use the right hand fork. House numbers 158 and above need to go straight onto the left hand fork where the road forks. Please see the map below and click here to download a copy. You may call Lake Lure Town Hall at 828-625-9983 if there are any questions. 


The Town of Lake Lure sends best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!







Mark will retire from the Town of Lake Lure at the end of 2019 after 30 years of dedicated service. 

Please take a moment to learn about Mark's many accomplishments.

We will miss you, Mark! 








On 12/12/19, the new Town of Lake Lure, NC Commissioners were sworn into office. Pictured here on the Front row from left to right: new Commissioner Patrick Bryant, Mayor Carol Pritchett, and new Commissioner Dave DiOrio

Pictured on the back row from left to right: Town Manager Shannon Baldwin, Mayor Pro Tem John Moore, Commissioner John Kilby.




Lake Lure has been drawdown for key infrastructure projects including dredging to maintain our beautiful lake, hydro-electric plant restoration, sewer system repairs and building a new marina and boardwalk. 

If you are planning silt removal and enhancements of your boat slip area with hand tools, please be sure to remove all materials and do not place any material in the lake bed.  For further information, please read the guidance in the Army Corp of Engineers General Permit on the excavation and maintenance of recreational boat basins and canals/channels (including return water discharge) where excavated material is placed and retained on high ground.  






The Town Council of the Town of Lake Lure, NC, has received an offer to purchase the property (with building) at the corner of Harris Road and Memorial Highway (US 64/74A), PIN 1604850 for the sum of $261,500.00:

Any person may submit a sealed upset bid to the Town Clerk at PO Box 255, Lake Lure, North Carolina 28746 by 2:00 pm, December 23, 2019. At that time bids will be opened, and the highest such bid will become the new offer. If there is more than one bid in the highest amount, the first such bid received will become the new offer.

For terms and additional information, please read the full Public Notice.  




Some people believe that bears are not true hibernators. Squirrels, bats, rodents, marmots and other true hibernators enter a state close to suspended animation where body temperatures fall close to freezing and metabolisms slow almost to a halt.

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For more information contact 


1.    Mayor’s Communications: Mayor Carol Pritchett welcomed everyone and wished attendees a happy holiday season.  She remarked that this was a special time of year and she was reminded of people who had had such an impact on our community like former Mayor Kevin Cooley who contributed so much to the Town.  She thanked Stephen Webber and Bob Cameron for their service to the Town as Commissioners.  She noted that although this was a time of transition, she assured everyone that the Town Council would remain focused on the key priorities to strengthen our infrastructure for future generations.  She asked Town Manager Shannon Baldwin to provide updates on these critical areas.

2.    Town Manager Communications: 
Shannon Baldwin introduced Consulting Engineer Kurt Wright from SDG Engineering to provide updates on current projects.

a.    Hydroelectric Plant: Mr. Wright presented a video of the work being completed in the hydroelectric plant.  The video showed eight contract employees working inside the penstock 

•    They were seen cleaning the penstock and the two butterfly valves.  
•    He noted that they discovered a small two-inch hole in the penstock which is causing a constant pool of water and advised that they are plugging this leak with a special cement packet (QuakeWrap), at no charge as it helps the contractor with their work to keep the area dry.  
•    In order to patch this hole it will require the water to be drawn down to 12 ½ feet, slightly lower than the original plan of 9 feet.  
•    Mr. Wright stated that there were no other leaks in the tower.  
•    He explained that cleaning the interior of the pipes is the primary function at this juncture.  
•    As far as the penstock and the two butterfly valves he stated they appear to be in good shape and that there was no other breach in the integrity (so far as leaks are concerned) of the concrete cylinder all the way up the intake structure.
•    He reported that the work is currently on schedule and is being monitored on regular basis.  
•    He advised that there was no reason to believe at this time that the remaining work will not be completed on schedule.
The photo below shows the Lake Lure Dam's penstock after it has been sandblasted and cleaned. It is now ready for the first coating of the QuakeWrap system.


b.    Sewer System:  Mr. Baldwin advised that Mr. Wright was also overseeing the process for objectively selecting the engineering contractor who will support the Town with Sewer System repairs.  Mr. Wright advised that four proposals had been received and he was working with the UAB to provide a systematic process for their objective review and scoring of the proposals. He will not be evaluating the proposals; but he will record and compile the scores for those who were evaluating them. Mr. Baldwin advised that a meeting would be held on 12/19/19 at 2:00 to discuss the proposals and the scoring process and Council will be invited to attend.  Mr. Baldwin advised that a follow up meeting is scheduled for 1/7/20 at 2:00 when the recommendation will be made on which contractor to hire.

c.    Events: 
Mr. Baldwin asked Communications Specialist Laura Krejci to provide a brief report on events.  Mrs. Krejci advised Council that now that a year of events had taken place in 2019, a cost-benefits analysis would be conducted.  She reported that this evaluation was just beginning and she would be reporting back to them in the near future with a recommendation on future events that the Town could consider supporting.  Mr. Baldwin added that event costs and staff time is one of the items to be discussed at the upcoming budget meetings.

d.    Budget Workshop: 
Mr. Baldwin advised that the Budget Workshop was scheduled for 12/17/19. Presentations were planned from Schnabel Engineering, the League of Municipalities, and WR Martin. He reported that department heads would be presenting their short and long term goals.  This is a public meeting and will be held at the Justice Academy from 6:30-5:00 in room.C102 for anyone who would like to attend.

e.    Dam Renovations: 
Mr. Baldwin advised that 2 Divisions of DEQ (the Water Divisions and the Dam Safety Office) will be at the Budget Workshop on 12/17/19, as well as representatives from the Department of Transportation. They will be present to hear the presentation by Schnabel Engineering on the Dam assessment. 

f.    The Highlands: 
Mr. Baldwin noted that a hearing for a notice of violation from the Highlands needed to be scheduled.  The hearing was confirmed on 1/7/20 at 9:30.

3.    Council Liaison Reports and Comments:
 Council Members provided updates on the following Town Boards.  Please visit Meeting Agendas and Minutes to review meeting schedules and the latest information from each Board.

•    Commissioner Bob Cameron reported the activities of the Board of Adjustment, the Lake
Structures Appeals Board, and the Utilities Advisory Board.

•    Commissioner John Kilby reported the activities of the ABC Board and noted that the Lake Advisory Board did not meet.

•    Mayor Pro Tem John Moore reported the activities of the Zoning and Planning Board.

•    Commissioner Stephen Webber reported the activities of the Parks and Recreation Board.

4.    Public Comment: 
The public is invited to speak on any non-agenda and/or consent agenda topics. 
•    Mrs. Pat Cook asked Commissioner Kilby about the ABC Store closing on 3:00 p.m. on the day before Thanksgiving and asked who sets those hours. Commissioner Kilby stated he would find out and follow up with her. He noted that Council does not set those hours.

5.    Consent Agenda: 
The Consent Agenda was approved with the following items: Adoption of the 11/12/19 Regular Town Council Minutes, FY 20-21 Budget Development Calendar, Budget Amendments for Sludge Removal and Geo-Tubes, Sewer Engineering Services, Penstock Repairs, Sewer Valve Expense, Deputy Town Clerk Appointment – Ms. Sha’Linda Pruitt, Tax Collector Appointment – Mrs. Amy Wright.

6.    Unfinished Business:

a.    Animal Control: Police Chief Sean Humphries advised that assistance with animal control is needed from time-to-time and recommended a contract with Rutherford County Animal Control to assist with this issue as needed. He explained that this agreement is for transport of a problematic animal. The fee would be per animal, per call with no retainer needed. The agreement was approved.

b.    Cover for the Flood Gates:  Commissioner Cameron reminded Council that he recommended safety covers be provided for the flood gates. Earlier this year a plan was discussed  to provide this structure to provide physical protection and enhanced lighting for the dam operators. There was a discussion about this possible addition.

c.    Tourism Development Authority (TDA): Commissioner Cameron thanked the TDA for their $100,000 contribution to support the new Lake Lure Boardwalk and Marina.  d.    Status on the Visitors Center Project: Community Development Director Brad Burton provided an update on this project, advising that a request for proposals (RFP) had been sent out for this project.  He advised that two vendors expressed interest however the RFP was deficient in some specifications.  Mr. Burton as met with the architect who as agreed to put together a specification sheet and tighten it up to get a revised RFP out. 

e.    Awards of Appreciation: Mayor Pritchett presented awards of appreciation to outgoing Commissioners Bob Cameron and Stephen M. Webber in recognition of their dedicated public service and contributions to the Town of Lake Lure. They received a standing ovation from the Commissioners and the audience.

  • Oath of Office Mayor, Carol C. Pritchett     
  • Oath of Office Commissioner, Christopher Patrick Bryant     
  • Oath of Office Commissioner, David Diorio     
  • Appointment of Mayor Pro Tempore
  • Appointment of Council Liaisons
  • Board Member Appointments
  • Request from Jim Hodges to Remove a Tree within the Lake Boundary
  • Set Minimum Bid Amount for the Commercial Strip Center,
  • Resolution No. 19-12-10B Authorizing Upset Bid Process
  • Adoption of the 2020 Town Council Meeting Schedule

7.    Adjournment


(Photograph by Alice Garrard, Lake Lure Flowering Bridge Volunteer.)

The Town of Lake Lure officially welcomed in the 2019 Holiday Season on 12/3/19.  Enjoy these photos from this festive event which featured the 12 Days of Christmas! Better yet....come and visit the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge in person to enjoy the beautiful sights and lights.

Overview: The Town of Lake Lure, in partnership with the Lake Lure Classical Academy will hold the 2nd annual program to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season by lighting up the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge featuring the 12 Days of Christmas!




Routine Maintenance and Marina/Boardwalk Replacement

The Town of Lake Lure historically lowers the lake on a three-year cycle to allow lakefront property owners the opportunity to repair and maintain lake structures, particularly seawalls. Most lake construction can be completed with the lake up; however, certain types of shoreline stabilization work, such as seawall installation and repairs, require the water to be down.  

The Lake Lure Marine Commission voted to begin the drawdown of the lake on 12/1/19 and to begin raising the lake to full pond on 2/10/20.  The Town posted Facts You Need to Know Before Starting Work During Lake Drawdowns for those who were making repairs or planning construction during this time.

Lowering the lake this year will allow the Town to make numerous routine repairs and enhancements, including the replacement of the Town’s Marina and Boardwalk.  The new marina dock and boardwalk are being built off site and will be installed following demolition with a goal of completing the project before the spring season kicks off.  The rendering below illustrates the new Lake Lure Marina and Boardwalk which will increase the number of boat slips to 212, adding 134 additional slips.

Additionally, the Town will be installing a valve in the sewer line, making further assessments of the dam, and completing routine maintenance/repairs to the hydro-electric plant during the lake drawdown.   At full pond Lake Lure is 990.5 feet above mean sea level.  The rate of the planned drawdown is 1 foot per day. The following is the schedule for the lake drawdown and planned Town maintenance and repairs as well as an illustration of the Lake Lure Power Generation System that will undergo repairs.

                                 (Illustration by newly elected Town Commissioner, Dave DiOrio).

•    12/1/19: Begin lake drawdown.

•    12/8/19: Lake is expected to be 9 feet below full pond.

•    12/8/19 – 1/5/20: Town begins conducting level IV rehabilitation of the Penstock.

•    This is a fully structural rehabilitation using Quake Wrap.
•    All work must be done with the Penstock empty, which means the lake must be down 9' below full pond.
•    This is considered routine maintenance work.
•    12/8/19 – 12/29/19: Town begins rehabilitating the interior components of the butterfly valves on the Penstock which is expected to take two weeks.

•    Once the contractor has conducted a condition assessment of the interior components of the
      butterfly valves and determines the materials needed for rehabilitating them, it may take longer
      than two weeks for the following:  
1.    Obtain the materials that are needed.
2.    Install materials in the butterfly valves.
3.    Complete rehabilitation work on the butterfly valves so the Penstock can be filled with
•    The lake level must remain at 9-feet below full pond during this work.
•    This work is considered routine maintenance.

•    12/15/19 – 12/29/19: Lower bearing replaced on large generator.  

•    12/15/19 – 1/15/20: Dredging will occur in the Lake Lure Marina during the drawdown and in the main channel when lake comes backup.

•    1/6/20: Lake is expected to be raised to 6 feet below full pond. 

•    1/15/20 – 5/22/20:
 Assembly of new Boardwalk/Marina.

•    1/15/20: 
Delivery of new floating aluminum docks.

•    1/15/20 – 3/16/20: Lake Lure Boardwalk Demolition
•    Note that the replacement Boardwalk is being built out of town simultaneously and will be
      installed as soon as possible once the demolition is complete and the lake is back up.
•    The goal is to install the replacement Boardwalk before the spring season kicks off.  

•    1/15/20 – 5/22/20:.Assembly of new Boardwalk/Marina

For additional information you may review the Detailed Schedule for the Lake Drawdown . If you have questions regarding the lake drawdown, please call Lake Lure Town Hall at 828-695-9983.



Unfortunately we will not have the plunge into 2020 due to the necessity of lowering the lake for multiple repairs and improvements including the new Lake Lure Marina and Boardwalk.







Photo courtesy of Buddy Morrison

The Town of Lake Lure has openings for those who are interested in volunteering to serve on Town Boards. 

Residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply for appointment to the various Town boards including Alcoholic Beverage Control, Board of Adjustment, Lake Advisory, Lake Structures Appeals, Parks and Recreation, Utilities Advisory, and the Zoning and Planning Boards. 

The role of citizens as advisory board is important to the Town as each board provides a vital link between the community and our local government. 

Members will be appointed by a majority vote of Town Council during their regular meeting in December 2019.

Please click here to learn more about these boards and to download the Volunteer Application.





Please click here to be added to the Lake Lure Mail Group and you will receive monthly updates on Lake Lure Town News.





Before Starting Work During Lake Drawdowns

The Town historically lowers the lake on a three-year cycle for to allow lakefront property owners the opportunity to repair and maintain lake structures, particularly seawalls.  The Town also makes needed repairs at this time. 

Generally, all work within the lake boundary (995 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL)) will require permits from the Town of Lake Lure. Additional permitting from North Carolina Division of Water Resources (DWQ) and/or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and/or Rutherford County Building Inspections is likely to be required from any work below the shoreline (990.5 feet MSL).

State and federal permits, if required, shall precede and accompany town applications, as required.  Property owners and/or contractors are responsible for getting permits from county, state, and federal agencies, as appropriate. The Town does not provide these services.

Please be advised:
 State and federal review times might exceed lake drawdown period.  It is recommended that permits are submitted to these authorities as early as possible. 
Please click here for additional information and to download a Quick Reference Guide.






The Town of Lake Lure's Mass Notification System is Everbridge

The Town of Lake Lure is implementing Everbridge, a new Mass Notification service that allows the Town of Lake Lure to alert you when necessary. This is the notification system utilized by Rutherford County and it will replace the Code Red System that is currently in place. You may opt-in to enter your contact information and subscribe based on your location. The information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose.


The Town of Lake Lure will complete the transition from Code Red to Everbridge by July 1, 2019. Dual notifications will be made until this date.  You may unsubscribe from Code Red after subscribing to Everbridge to avoid dual notifications. NOTE: The Code Red System will be discontinued 12/1/19. 

How It Works

When the Town of Lake Lure issues a notification about a potential safety hazard or concern, you will receive a message on the voice or text communication methods that you have registered. If requested for the notification, you can confirm that you have received the message and you will not be contacted by any subsequent methods regarding that particular notification. If you do not confirm, the system will continue to attempt to reach you at all of the contact paths that you have registered.

Sign up for Notifications

Please click here to create an account and add your contact and location information into the Mass Notification system. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Stop Receiving Notifications

You can stop receiving at any time by removing your contact information from your profile.  




In February 2019 a public meeting was held with Duke Energy to discuss improving local power service.  Duke Energy has announced that they are about to begin work on a project that will help to increase reliability to the Lake Lure area.  From early August to around mid-November multiple crews will be working to upgrade the feeder tie that runs south down Hwy 9 to the Mill Springs area.  This will include installing bigger wire, taller poles, etc.   This is part of our long range strategy to enhance reliability to Lake Lure by strengthening the ties to other feeders and substations in the area.

As much of the work is right along Hwy 9, we encourage motorists to be aware of work zones and pay attention to flaggers.  We expect there will be occasional lane closures, but crews will work to minimize impacts to the public.  

We are pleased this project is being implemented this fall and look forward to the benefits that our long term strategy will bring to customers in area.






Lake Lure was recently listed as one of Ten Best Lake Towns in North America on SmarterTravel.  (SmarterTravel provides independent expert advice and unbiased reviews for the best travel deals, destinations, and money-saving travel tips.) You may click on the link above to read the entire article or read the reference for Lake Lure below.

At the edge of the Blue Mountains, the scenic town of Lake Lure was the film set for the 1987 blockbuster Dirty Dancing. Several locals were extras in the movie. Each summer, residents relive the magic at the Dirty Dancing Festival with a “Baby & Johnny lake lift” competition.

This lake town is an adventurous getaway less than an hour’s drive from Asheville. There are bumper boats, water cannons, waterslides, and certified ski and wakeboard instructors ready to pull you behind their boats. Sunsets are especially spectacular here and best enjoyed by paddleboat or pontoon cruise.

If you go: Spend some time exploring the Blue Mountains foothills that surround the lake. Chimney Rock State Park is the main attraction. From mountain biking and hiking trails you can take in views of Hickory Nut Gorge and see one of the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. There’s also an area where kids can learn to rock climb.






Please click here for a summary of the dam’s history, present day realities, and findings of the exhaustive analysis that has been recently conducted. 

This report also includes the next steps Town Council is taking to ensure the dam meets current day standards.   






The Lake Lure Dam Bridge is owned by the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The Town of Lake Lure requested a copy of the latest safety inspection report from NCDOT. 

Please click here to read this report.

Town leaders are working to ensure a coordinated effort is made as NCDOT considers future options for renovating/replacing the bridge.