Town News 11/13/18

Lake Lure Police Recognition

We are pleased to congratulate the following Lake Lure Police Department Award Recipients. The recipients are pictured below from left to right with their Chief:

Police Officer, Tommy Lytle: Community Service Award – Recognized for contributions to the community, above and beyond expectations.

Police Officer, Chris Shuford: Distinguished Service Award - Recognized for excelling at departmental goals and expectations.

• Lake Lure Police Department Chief, Sean Humphries

• Sergeant, Carl Umphlett: Outstanding Service Award: Recognition for excellence in the field of investigation

• Corporal, Aaron Collins: Citation of Bravery – Recognition for acts of valor and compassion in protecting and serving the community

Special thanks to sponsors of this special event including Lewis Bentley, Managing Partner, Larkins On The Lake; Russell Pitts and Lynn Carnes-Pitts; Todd and Melinda Morse; Bob and Pam Keith; Lake Lure Olympiad; Michael and Sara Gray; Bob and Anita Cameron; @Chimney Rock State Park; @Ingles Super Market, and the @Esmeralda Inn (Don and Kim Cason), and all those attending the event on 11/9/18.



  Beginning November 1, 2018:

The Lake Lure Beach will be open to the public for sand access only, every day from 9 am to 5 pm.  Unfortunately, no dogs allowed.


Buffalo Creek Park and Weed Patch Mountain Trail – New Parking Availability

There is now parking availability at Chimney Rock State Park (CRSP) in the new Eagle Rock Parking Lot.  This new lot enables access to the CRSP/Eagle Rock terminus of Weed Patch Mountain Trail that opened in October 2018.

Please reviewed the detailed information at Buffalo Creek Park and Weed Patch Mountain Trail – New Parking Availability


Consider Community Service

We all benefit from the beauty of the Town of Lake Lure.  Consider giving back by volunteering to serve on one of the Town boards.  To learn more, read about Town Boards.

There are openings in 2019 on the following boards:

·         Board of Adjustment/Lake Structures Appeals Board

·         Zoning and Planning Board

·         ABC Board

·         Utility Advisory Board

·         Parks & Recreation Board

·         Lake Advisory Board

Application: Please download the Volunteer Application.

When: The deadline for the current openings is 12/3/18

Where: You may email your Volunteer Applications to, drop your application off at the Town of Lake Lure Office at 2984 Memorial Highway, or mail it to P.O. Box 255, Lake Lure, NC 28746, Attention Town Clerk.

Proactive Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing 

The following information was sent to building/homeowners on 10/20/18 to notify them that the Town of Lake Lure will be conducting a Sanitary Sewer Smoke Test in sections of the sewer lines in some areas of Havnaer’s Point and places near the dam on November 1st, 2018.  The purpose of smoke testing was to find potential points of inflow and infiltration in the town owned portion of the sanitary sewer system that could lead to high flows during storms and snow melt events.

Smoke testing can also help locate the following:

• Buildings that have downspout, cellar, yard or basement drains, and sump pumps connected to the sewer

• Points of groundwater or surface water intrusion into the sewer

• Any cross connections between sanitary sewers and storm drains

• Defective sewer connections that could allow sewer gases into a building

The "smoke" is not true smoke, but rather a mist containing a large percentage of atmospheric moisture that is highly visible at low concentrations. It will not harm your health or leave a stain and will disappear rapidly without leaving an odor. Since any vapor can be an irritant, direct contact with the “smoke” may cause minor respiratory irritation in some people.

The Town of Lake Lure, NC is pleased to report that the Proactive Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing was successfully completed last week on 11/2/18 as planned. Special thanks to everyone involved for your cooperation and support.

For more information, read Frequently Asked Questions.


Lake Updates

Be Careful And Use Caution At All Times!

The Town of Lake Lure began clean up immediately following Hurricane Michael.  Heavy debris wass found throughout most channels of the Lake.  Cleanup is ongoing and use of the Lake is at your own risk until clean-up activity is complete.  As always, please proceed with extreme caution.

Record amounts of water flowed into Lake Lure from the Rocky Broad River on 10/11/18, as a result of Flash Flooding. See the Dredge in distress below and then after being recovered.


  • A top priority of the Town is always to keep lives safe and property protected.

  • In preparation for the impact of this storm, the Town executed an Emergency Preparedness Plan. 

  • The Plan was reviewed and adjusted by the Town Council on 10/9/18 and the Lake was proactively lowered one foot below full pond 10/9/18. 

  • Lake Levels and Dam Operations were reviewed with consulting engineers on 10/10/18 and the State Dam Safety Office. Both affirmed the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  • Notifications were posted each day on the Town’s Facebook and Website and local churches were notified of this plan to help communicate updates with those not using social media in our community. 

At no time did the Town release more water than the Lake received during this storm.  Safety remains the top priority for the Town and we will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.


10/12/18 Lake Update: The Town’s Lake Operations Director assessed the status of the Lake following the impact of Hurricane Michael.  Findings were reviewed with the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Team. 

  • Heavy debris was found throughout most channels of the Lake as illustrated below with the log in the lake.

  • Use of the Lake is at your own risk during the ongoing clean-up activity.

  • As always, please proceed with extreme caution.

  • The Town has acquired a new boom to assist with debris removal.

Monthly Town Council Meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Lake Lure Municipal Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for November 13, 2018.