Town News 1/17/19



Enjoy this gorgeous winter sunrise photo taken 1/17/19, by Stephen M. Webber.


The Town of Lake Lure did not see much snow, but we do have ice in the trees and on the roads.  Please be safe and follow this NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) guidance regarding black ice:

Black ice appears as wet spots on a road.  Black ice is often the result of melting ice and snow that refreezes into thin layers.  Although NCDOT does its best to treat areas that are prone to black ice, it is unpredictable, and often drivers aren’t aware of it until it's too late. 

    • Don't drive unless you absolutely have to do so.
    • The safest way to avoid black ice is to stay off the roads.

    • If you do have to drive, do so at a slow speed and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

    If You Get Stuck

    • Don't spin your wheels (doing so will only dig you in deeper). Instead, turn them from side to side to help clear snow, and then turn the steering wheel so the tires are as straight as possible.

    • Use a shovel to clear the snow in front of and behind your tires.

    • Spread cat litter, sand or salt in the cleared areas around your drive wheels.

    • Another strategy involves rocking the vehicle back and forth. (Check your owner's manual first; some vehicle transmissions might be damaged using this strategy.) Shift from forward to reverse and back again, using a light touch on the gas pedal. Resist the temptation to spin your wheels.

    If you do venture out on the roads please use caution and be safe!


    January 11, 2019 1:00 pm

    The Town of Lake Lure’s Emergency Preparedness Team has been activated in preparation for the winter weather that is predicted to begin in our area on 1/12/19.  Please click here to see the latest forecast.

    · In preparation for the winter weather, the Town’s Public Works crews are on standby for the weekend in case there is a significant accumulation.

    · If snow/ice accumulates, the team will plow roads and distributing chat, as needed. 

    · If there is an accumulation, roads will be plowed from 7am-7pm.                                               

    · For the staff’s safety, only main roads will be plowed from 7pm-7am, unless there is an emergency. 

    · Any fallen trees will be removed on main roads first and then on secondary roads as needed.

    · If you have an emergency please call 911.

    · For questions: Please call the Lake Lure Fire Department at 828-625-6333


    · To receive Emergency Alerts: Sign up for Code Red at:

    ·  For information on weather and how to prepare: Upload the ReadyNC App at:

    ·  Lake Lure updates will be posted here regularly. 


    · Please do not attempt to drive in the snow or ice and be prepared to be in your home for up 72 hours, potentially without power.

    · First, you must have a backup source of heat such as gas logs, a wood stove or other approved indoor heat that does not require electricity to operate.

    · Caution: Only use heating devices designed for indoor heating, portable kerosene heaters are not designed to be used in unventilated areas.

    · People suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning every year from using these kerosene heaters indoors.

    · Ensure you have sufficient food and water stored for each member of your family for 72 hours.

    · Fill your tub with water and you can use this water to flush the commode, etc.

    · Ensure you have a supply of your medications, flashlights, batteries, battery-operated radio, first aid kit, blankets, and baby supplies, if you have a baby in the house.

    · Charge your cell phone and make sure your batteries are charged. 

    · If you do need help, then do not hesitate to call 911

     (Photo above courtesy of Bill Tate)


    The Town of Lake Lure recognized Police Officer Alan Greene