Town to assist lakefront homeowners with storm debris cleanup around boathouses, docks, and coves

While the process of cleaning the lake from the unprecedented amount of debris that flowed into it over the last week will take time to fully address, great progress has been thus far.

As the lake settles and the storm debris flows into our numerous coves, our Public Works and Lake Operations Department will go around to each cove to retrieve larger and heavier pieces of trees, limbs, boards, and other debris.

This will take several weeks, as cleanup crews are still working in the main channel of the lake.

If lakefront homeowners spot large debris in their coves or around the docks and boathouses, and you need assistance with removal, call Lake Lure Town Hall and report your address or the name of your cove. 

The debris must be in the water. No cleanup or removal of storm debris will be provided on private property. Homeowners can place the debris that they retrieve from the water on a dock or tie it to a dock to keep it from floating further away.

Call 625-9983, Ext. 0 or Ext. 129 to get your address/cove on the list.  As mentioned, this process will take a few weeks, but Town staff will eventually get to every cove in the lake. 

Additionally, as previously reported, if you're out boating and you spot large debris, and you wish to support the effort to remove it from the water, you may drag it or put it on your boat and take it to the public boat launch located at Pool Creek Picnic Park and the ABC Liquor Store. Place it on shore. Do not leave it in the water.


Given the amount of debris in the lake and the still turbid nature of the water, all residents and visitors are urged to exercise caution in the coming weeks in both swimming, boating, skiing, and tubing.

Lastly, the trash gate at the dam remains open to catch as much of the smaller debris as possible. The current near the trash gate at the dam is quite  strong. Therefore, while you're out on the lake, please steer clear of the dam completely. 


Lastly, the Town has been asked what will happen to all of that debris once it's removed from the lake?

Here's your answer:

In order to qualify for reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA), the debris must be disposed of in a FEMA-approved landfill.  When the debris removal project finally wraps up, the Town will send out a request for bids to have the debris hauled away and disposed of.