Our Visitors are Special to Lake Lure

Today, or soon, you will be a visitor to Lake Lure.

Perhaps it will be your first time, or like many, Lake Lure is on your short list of places you visit often. Either way, we're  glad you’re here.

Our history, our economy and a great deal of our prosperity is sewn and strengthened by a steady of flow of visitors to the place we choose to call home.

The “allure” of Lake Lure is strong and many a visitor have made that life-changing decision to relocate here, building homes and lives for themselves and their families.

The moment you arrive in Lake Lure, it is obvious you are surrounded by beauty, unsurpassed anywhere else in Western North Carolina. Our river, streams and waterfalls converge into a perfectly sized 720-acre man-made lake. The lake, hydroelectric dam and the community was the dream of one man who envisioned a premiere resort area. 

Surrounding the centerpiece of the community is the lake. Its unique shoreline of coves, hills and valleys give way to boulders and cliffs, creating a multitude of awe-inspiring vistas at every turn. There simply is no ordinary view in Lake Lure. 

One of the things that make Lake Lure a truly unique destination is that whether you're a visitor or a resident, it responds to that universal desire to get away from it all, but not too far away. With a diverse list of things to do, and places to visit, your stay can be as active or as relaxed as you wish. 

The Community

Surrounded by thousands of acres of mixed hardwoods and dense forest, Lake Lure is located 25 miles southeast of Asheville and about an hour and a half north of Greenville, SC.

The community has several great amenities, including:

Whatever you decide to do while you’re here, you will find within convenient reach, quaint little towns and villages like Chimney Rock, several state parks, including Chimney Rock State Park, and a variety of nearby major metropolitan cities. If you simply want mountain splendor, it's all around you here. And in the winter, if you want snow skiing it's less than two hours from your doorstep.

In addition to our own local offerings, dining, the arts, shopping, theatre, hiking, concerts and outdoor cafes are as close as a 35-minute drive, and far enough away, that Lake Lure remains the ideal  base of operations for your vacation.

Enjoy your visit!

P.S. - If you need helping getting here, planning your visit, or simply learning more about Lake Lure and the surrounding area, check out this video clip as well as these additional resources.