Water & Sewer

Given the serenity of the lake and its surrounding beauty, it's easy to forget that the town owns a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 995,000 gallons per day (GPD), a lift pump station located below the dam, about 28 miles of collection lines (mostly under the lake) and about 75 manholes with 54 at the lake shoreline.

Our plant serves more than 800 customers, 434 of whom are served by a private collection system owned by the Carolina Water System within Rumbling Bald Resort, Apple Valley and Shumont Estates under contract with Rumbling Bald Resort Property Owners Association (POA).

Portions of Chimney Rock Village have access to our plant through a county owned 8" collection line. Treatment is similar to a water treatment plant with chemical additives (alum) and chlorination. The actual use is about 700,000 GPD at peak flows, of which is lake water from infiltration  

In 1996, the Town of Lake Lure was able to build a new waste water treatment station through Federal grant funds. The station contains three electric pumps, far more powerful than the old ones. Rather than pushing the effluent up to the plant, they pull it up from the low point under the dam and then force it down to the plant. Normally, one pump runs as needed and a second pump kicks in during periods of high flow. The third pump is a backup and they cycle so that all three are used in rotation as the primary pump.

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