In Their Own Words: "Why We Recycle"

Why we Participate in Curbside Recycling

People are motivated to recycle for a myriad of reasons, everything from a sense of ethics to just plain good habits that they formed years ago.

For various reasons, some residents and  small business owners in Lake Lure do recycle through contracting with local vendors or by taking their recyclables to a convenience center.

Still, given the fact that Lake Lure's curbside  program has about a 10-12 percent participation rate, we wanted to ask a few local residents what prompted them to support the program.

Thoughts from a few Citizens:

"By participating in the local recycling program, we feel we’re contributing in a small way to eliminating excess waste and contributing to a cleaner environment by allowing the re-use of  resources that would otherwise be added to a landfill.  Doing the right thing is not always convenient, though it is satisfying.  We feel a small inconvenience on our part helps sustain our beautiful Lake Lure area, and we are most happy to do so.

 We can either deal with our waste now or face it later.   We would rather "deal" with it now on our terms by recycling what we can, every way we can.  "

Charlene & David Efird

"Everything the experts have said about the environment is true…just imagining miles of garbage  going around the earth, how many times? With cans end to end, or plastic ‘stuff’ filling our land fills and our earth….and the millions and billions of plastic 'convenient,' cartons for carry out, only to turn around and throw it in the trash. It makes me sad and concerned to think of my grandchildren having to cope with the results of our needlessly  ‘littering the earth.’

I believe what  I have read  and seen about it. So, we all have to do our part, not ignore it and think it will just go away. Even if just more of our residents signed up for this wonderful program - where they pick up the recycling right at your curb - that's doing something and it means we're part of the solution, not more of a contributor to the problem."

Carole Lang


"We participate in the town's curbside recycling program because the recycling center behind the arcade building closed. As residents, we should be good citizens. As good citizens we should be good stewards and as good stewards, responsible trash disposal is an element of weekly ritual. The Nelon family perform a convenient service with both the trash and recycling pick-ups. Many thanks to them for their efforts (even on holidays) and professionalism."

Bob and Anne Washburn